Full name: Motoshkov Andrey Vladimirovich

Date of birth: 29.09.1975

Address: Ukraine, Kharkiv region, Kovsharovka village, mkrt. Kovsharovka, 13, apt. 127;


MM 420313


-Higher -Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy, specialty physics, theoretical and general electrical engineering;


– Director of the Children’s and Youth Sports School in Kupyansk;

– deputy of the Kupyan city council;

– Collaborator, collaborator of the Russian occupants;




Married, raising a son.

The spouse is Elena Promskaya.

Coach, deputy and traitor in one person – Motoshkov Andrey Vladimirovich, was born September 29, 1975 in the village of Kovsharovka, Kharkiv region. Andrew studied at high school № 12, which is located in Kupyansk.

Some time after finishing school, in 1994, Motoshkov entered the Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy, where he studied physics and electrical engineering. But Andrei would not work with electrical engineering – he became actively involved in martial arts and became first a trainer and then director of the Children’s and Youth Sports School in Kupyansk.

In the city of Andrei was known as a sports figure, so when he decided to run for deputy to the City Council residents were happy to vote for him. Unfortunately, their choice turned out to be wrong, for Motoshkov would become a traitor.

After the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, and the entry of Russian occupation forces into Kupyansk, Andrey Motoshkov betrayed Ukraine and went over to the side of the enemy. The occupiers were delighted with the “addition” and made him their “handmaiden,” who helps them in carrying out the instructions of the so-called “occupation authorities.”

For “working” for the enemy and treason Andrei Motoshkov faces the inevitable punishment, which will catch up with him soon.