Full name: Andrei Yuryevich Samoilov

Date of Birth: 10.05.1972

Place of registration.: Kaluga region, Kirov district, Shaykovka village.

Occupation.: War criminal, terrorist, commander of the Tu-22 M3 crew of the 52nd Guards Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment


– Passport: Series 2917 No. 801970

– INN: 402301806423

– as of 2013, owned a VAZ 21063 (license plate number: M684EA40, vin: XTA210630N1691179)


Phone: +79190344867,

[email protected]


The information about war criminals is taken from an investigation by the OSINT community:

Terrorist Activities:

Colonel Andrei Samoilov serves as Oleg Timoshin’s deputy – commander of the Shaykovka air group, which carries out terrorist strikes against Ukrainian cities.

Andrei Samoilov is deputy commander of the 52nd Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment of the 22nd Division of Long-Range Aviation of the Air Force of the Russian Armed Forces (hr 33310). He supervised the training of the Tu-22M3 bomber pilots for “combat missions.

Pilots of this regiment now use the skills practiced under Samoilov’s leadership in terrorist strikes against critical infrastructure and civilian objects in Ukraine. Their most famous “targets” are the Amstor shopping mall in Kremenchug and a multi-story residential building in Dnepr.