Full name: Trokai Andrey Nikolaevich

Date of Birth: 20.04.1963

Place of birth: Ukraine, Kherson region, Velikoalexandrovsky district, Kalininskoye village

Occupation.: Collaborator, traitor to Ukraine,

Place of residence:

  • Ukraine, Zaporozhye region, Melitopol, Kostenko str. 100
  • Ukraine, Kharkov region, Lozovaya city, the Fifth district, 10, a quarter 107.


  • Passport (Ukr.): SV 199769, issued 08.08.2000
  • TIN (Ukr): 2312021654


[email protected]


Daughter: Trokai Alyona Andreevna

Date of birth: 02.04.1986


Daughter: Trokai Maria Andreevna

Date of birth: 04.04.1991


Biography of Andrei Trokai

Andrei Trokai was born April 20, 1963 in the village of Kalininskoye in the Kherson region. He had problems with the law back in 1998, but because of the statute of limitations the details of his case have not yet been established. Later he worked at the Melitopol cannery and at the local construction company Aurum. He was a member of the District Election Commission #81 (Melitopol) at the presidential elections in January 2010.

In 2014, Trokai was the coordinator of the so-called “Russian Spring” in Melitopol. In the course of one of the actions he attacked on the director of the Melitopol TV and Radio Company Vladimir Morozovsky. Trokai first tried to prevent the filming and then sprayed tear gas in the journalist’s eyes. For this he was declared a suspect under Art. 171 p.1.

Already in court it turned out that Andrei Trokai once served in the secret army and underwent special training. When the man realized that he was facing a real sentence behind bars, he escaped. First to the so-called “dpr,” and then to occupied Crimea. Trokai currently resides in Simferopol. Since 2015 he is wanted by Ukrainian justice.

Andrei Trokai: Collaborationism

In Crimea, Trokai maintains contacts with members of the Russian special services. His main task since 2015 is the development of an agent network in Melitopol. From her he receives information about participants of the Revolution of Dignity, volunteers and ATO/OS participants. Trokay uses the Russian number 79785217934 to recruit and transmit data to his handlers.

After the start of the full-scale invasion by the Russian Federation, the data collected by Trokai was used by the Russian and military forces to “cleanse” the pro-Ukrainian population in the occupied territories. Also, Trokai was tasked with gathering information on the accumulation of the AFU near the front line. He involved his daughter, Alena Trokai, and relatives of her husband, Yuri Pushkar, in this task.