Full name: Rudenko Andrey Vladimirovich

Date of birth: 23.01.1981

Address: Ukraine, Donetsk, Sportivnaya street, 4, sq.10.

Passport: VA766787

TIN: 2960802514


– war correspondent;

-propagandist, author of Z-Channel;

– director of the Donetsk editorial office of the Telegram channel “russia”;

– Putin’s proxy for the 2024 election. 

“Rewards and Awards”:

  • “For objectivity and openness in media coverage.”
  • Order “For Merit to the Republic” from the dnr government (2020).
  • “For unqualified professional heroism dictated solely by personal choice” (2022).



Rudenko Andrey Vladimirovich is a corrupt journalist, an accomplice of “Putin’s regime”, was born in the city of Donetsk. Before 2014, no one knew Rudenko as such a journalist in Donetsk. The guy worked as a small correspondent and made stories about ordinary workers and collective farmers. But when war broke out in Ukraine, particularly in Donbass, Rudenko became a Russian military correspondent and from the first days of the invasion carried out aggressive military actions of the Russian Federation in Donetsk region.

The collaborator is also mentioned on the well-known website “Peacemaker” in the list of propagandists who advocate the destruction of the territorial integrity of Ukraine and the establishment of “Russian peace”. With the beginning of his propaganda activities, the pseudowoencor received t.nz accreditation from the “Donetsk people’s republic”.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

With the beginning of the illegal invasion of the territory of Donetsk region by Russian occupation troops, Andriy distinguished himself with his pro-Russian views and support for the occupation regime. Thus, Rudenko voluntarily began to “fight” against Ukraine on the information front.

Carries out anti-Ukrainian information activities, in particular, disseminates false information discrediting the actions of the Ukrainian Defense Forces. Conducted filming of destroyed dwellings allegedly by the AFU and filmed propaganda stories – the reaction to this residents, also forecasts and conclusions about the Russian-Ukrainian war . Demonstrated these materials with the help of “Kremlin curatorship on central Russian TV channels,

Also the pseudo-journalist often visits the zone “сво” and supports the “liberators”. He interviewed the leaders of the illegally armed formations of the DnR (Vokha, Motorola). He has received “awards” from Putin and the pseudo-leader of the “Donetsk Republic”, Pushilin. The odious collaborator also gives lectures on “Russian journalism” for students of universities in Lugansk. Since 2023, he has been the head of the Donetsk editorial office of the main Kremlin channel “Russia”. He runs the author’s Telegram channel “Reporter Rudenko V“.

To support propaganda information support during the t.nz election of the president of russia in March 2024, Andrei Rudenko was chosen to be Putin’s proxy. Proxies approved by the CEC pursuant to resolutions #145/1112-8 of December 28, 2023, #152/1204-8 of January 29, 2024.

Sooner or later the collaborator, propagandist and participant of the so-called “special military operation” Rudenk Andrey Vladimirovich will be tried and justly punished for his work on the information field of the enemy and betrayal of his Motherland.