Full name: Lazarenko (Sinyavskaya) Anna Andreevna

Date of birth: 22.10.1984

Address: Ukraine,Kherson



– former bank branch manager;

– an employee of the Kherson Regional State Administration;

– an employee of a communal enterprise under the occupation authorities;

– A collaborator of the occupation authorities, a collaborator



Anna Andreevna Lazarenko, a traitor and collaborator, was born in Kherson. She graduated from the Kharkov National Economic University with a degree in finance and banking.

Anna Andreevna’s occupation was banking. For a long time the woman was the head of a bank branch in the city of Kherson. Lazarenko then worked in the city executive committee as deputy head of the department of physical culture, youth and sports.

Over the years, Anna Lazarenko has increasingly demonstrated her support for russian policy in Ukraine. And thus actively promoted anti-Ukrainian activities on the territory of the Kherson region.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

After the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian invaders, Anna Sinyavskaya chose the side of the enemy and expressed support for the occupation and the violent actions of the aggressor country. A collaborator during the occupation began working for the occupiers. Worked as a financial director atKherson Heating Network.

Thus, the abettor of the Rashists was engaged in “administrative issues” in the occupation administration in her locality and actively assisted the temporary leadership of representatives of the “Putin regime” in the Kherson region. Soon Anna Andreevna moved to the territory of the Russian Federation in the city of Novorossiysk, where she is trying to hide from the law of Ukraine.

But for complicity with the occupants Anna Andreevna Lazarenko faces imminent punishment. The woman betrayed her people and volunteered to help the enemy troops. She’s bound to pay for that.