Full name: Sakevich (Shulzhenko) Anna Vilievna

Date of birth: 24.03.1962

Address: Ukraine, Kherson region,, Tavriysk, Vokzalnaya street, 3, sq.78.

Passport of Ukraine: series MR number 474670, issued on 19.11.2015 by Novokakhovskiy GS of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kherson region.

RNOCPP: 2272819508

Contacts: +380508093624


Son – Sakevich Anatoly Yurievich, born on 03.02.1990, – works for the occupation authorities.

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100055545155853


– until February 24, master of industrial training in vocational school No. 7 in Novaya Kakhovka;

– an enabler and propagandist for the “Russian world“;

– Chairman of “Election Commission” No. 1 of Novokakhovskiy municipal district



Sakevich Anna Vilievna – traitor to Ukraine, who believed in the “Russian world” and went over to the side of the enemy was born March 23, 1962. She is a native of the village of Zelenaya Roshcha, Kropivnitsky district, Kirovograd region, and a resident of the town of Tavriysk, Kakhovsky district, Kherson region.

Sakiewicz has a pedagogical background. For many years she headed the Novokakhovka Vocational Electrotechnical Lyceum, and she was the only one among the heads of vocational education institutions of Novaya Kakhovka who went to voluntary cooperation with the enemy.

Prior to the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, Anna Sakievich worked as an apprenticeship master. During her teaching career Anna Vilievna did not hide her pro-Russian views and despised the Ukrainian language spoken by her students, because she was waiting for the so-called “Russian world“.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

As soon as Russian occupation troops invaded the territory of the Kherson region, Sakevich went on a treason spree and voluntarily became an accomplice of the Russian invaders. She also became deputy director of vocational school No. 7. The occupants ensured her career growth. The son of the collaborator – Sakevich Anatoliy Yurievich, who graduated from the Naval School in 2013, and in 2023 became an accomplice of the Russian occupiers and “got a job” in the same vocational school in a managerial position, also went to work for the occupation authorities.

Among the local residents of Novaya Kakhovka, the collaborator actively promotes the ideas of “Russian peace”. Joyfully speaks at propaganda events organized by local gauleiters and representatives of Putin’s regime.

Participation in pseudo-elections in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine:

Also on the eve of theelections planned by the Rashists in September 2023, the corrupt collaborator has registered her candidacy from the political party “United Russia” and has already managed to conduct campaign work for participation in the so-called “voting”. She was then appointed “chairman of the election commission No. 1” of the Novokahava municipal district in the city of Tavriysk.

For betrayal of the Motherland and promotion of the ideas of “Russian peace“, as well as participation in illegal elections in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, the accomplice of the Rashists Sakevich Anna Vilievna will be justly punished before the tribunal. Soon the collaborator will be held accountable for all her crimes against the territorial integrity of Ukraine.