Full name: Sotsenko Anna Aleksandrovna

Date of birth:

Place of residence: Skadovsk, Kirov street, 33A.

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: MO No. 370426

Identification number: 2514311041

Mobile number: +380506429636

Telegram: ID1070614785

Occupation: collaborator in Skadovsk


Labor/Political Path:
  • Teacher of Ukrainian language and literature;
  • head of the academic department;
  • director of the Skadovka Academic Lyceum of the Skadovka City Council.

2020 – ran for the Skadovka City Council on behalf of the political party “Our Land

Collaborationist activities:

Cooperates with the occupation administration of Skadovsk. Conducts so called. Campaigning for the upcoming pseudo-referendum on the region’s accession to the Russian Federation.

Repeatedly distributed destructive information to the local population, where it discredited the Ukrainian government in the failed political decisions that led to the beginning of the conflict in eastern Ukraine. She asserted that Ukrainian politicians were directly responsible for the bloody war that continues to this day and, moreover, has become more acute since February 2022.

He maintains close relations with Igor Bulyuk, the son of a former deputy of the Kherson regional council, Vitaly Bulyuk, who is currently one of Vladimir Saldo’s deputies.

It conducts sociological surveys about people’s desire to be part of the Russian Federation, and asks respondents whether they are satisfied with the current government and what remains unrealized in the pre-election promises of the political establishment. Accuses the Ukrainian authorities of nationalism.

She suggested the need to adopt the standards of education of the Russian Federation, also believes that the introduction of the Russian language into the school curriculum is mandatory.