Full name: Artyom Yuryevich Golodov

Date of birth: April 20, 1990

Passport: 0310532390

Address: Shaykovka village, 8, apt. 31.

Phone: +79105278366

Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Military rank: senior lieutenant, military pilot

Place of service: 52nd Guards Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment, v/h 33310 (Kaluga Region, Shaykovka settlement).

Occupation: terrorist, member of the 52nd Guards Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment


The information about war criminals is taken from an investigation by the OSINT community:

Brief Biography

Senior Lieutenant Artem Yuryevich Golodov is a war criminal, a pilot of the 52nd Guards Air Regiment, in/number 33310 (Kaluga Region, Shaikovka), one of the Russian terrorist soldiers who destroy Ukrainian infrastructure and bomb civilian houses.

Artyom Yurievich graduated from the Military Training and Research Center of the Air Force “Military Air Academy named after Professor N. E. Zhukovsky and Yu. А. Gagarin. He studied at the 12th Department of Aviation Communications.

A military aviator who participated in air parades on several occasions. In particular, he participated in demonstration flights as a pilot-representative of the 52nd Aviation Regiment at one of the Aviadarts competitions in 2016 in Crimea.

War Crimes of Dmitry Pankin

Artem Yuryevich Golodov is one of 44 Russian military terrorists of the 52nd aviation regiment involved in terrorist acts on the territory of Ukraine during the Russian “special operation”. Among other things, Senior Lieutenant Golodov is responsible for the implementation of a massive missile attack by the Russian Federation against Ukraine on the holiday of January 14, 2023.

One of the terrorists’ missiles, an X-22, a long-range air-launched anti-ship cruise missile, hit a high-rise building in the city of Dnepr and as a result of the hit the entire entryway of the high-rise, from floors 2 to 9, collapsed, with many civilian casualties.

The executor of Putin’s “bloody orders,” military pilot Artyom Yuryevich Golodov, will answer for his blatant crimes against Ukraine and its people. The terrorist has many civilian lives on his conscience. Remember, they are already looking for you and will punish you to the fullest for all your crimes!