Full name: Balitsky Evgeny Vitalievich

Date of birth: 10.12.1969

Place of birth: Melitopol, Zaporozhye Region

Address of registration: Zaporozhye region, Melitopol, Pionerskaya str. 1

DRFO code: 2554609355


Higher – Tambov Higher Military Aviation School, specialty “engineer-pilot 3rd class”, received the military rank of lieutenant.


– 1995 – service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine;

– 1995 – 1997 – Head of OlZheKa LLC;

– 1997 – 1998 – Head of Melitopol brewery;

– 1998 – 2002 – deputy of the Zaporizhzhya Regional Council, acting director of the Department for European Integration in the Ministry of Economy;

– 2001-2010 – Director of Melitopol Avtogydroagregat Plant;

– 2010 – 2012 – deputy of the Zaporizhzhya Regional Council;

– 2012 – 2014 – people’s deputy of Ukraine of the VII convocation;

– 2014 – 2019 – people’s deputy of Ukraine of the 8th convocation;

– owner of the Melitopol television channel MTV-plus;

– Chairman of the Management Board of LLC Agat;

– Senior Researcher at the Institute of World Economy (Kiev);

– 2022 – the so-called “head of the civil-military administration of Zaporizhzhia region.


Married, three children (sons)

His wife is Natalya Balitskaya, a teacher-psychologist and the director of the private company “OlZheKa”.


– Balitsky Alexander Yevgenyevich, born in 1992.

– Balitsky Sergey Yevgenyevich, born in 2000.

– Balitsky Ivan Yevgenyevich, born in 2006.

father – Balitsky Vitaly Bronislavovich, born in 1944, military pilot, engaged in private business, participated in the management of “OlZheKa”, Melitopol brewery and “Avtogydroagregat”, headed the industrial and financial group “Ukraine-South-East”. He was the chairman of the Melitopol organization of the People’s Democratic Party.

mother – Nina Vasilyevna Balitskaya, born in 1947.

older brother – Balitsky Oleg Vitalievich (1966-2013), engaged in private business, was a deputy of the Melitopol City Council, ended his life with suicide in 2013.

younger sister – Balitskaya Ekaterina Vitalievna, born in 1987.








Betrayer of the Motherland and a classic Kremlin agent of influence Evgeny Balitsky was born December 10, 1969 in the city of Melitopol, Zaporozhye region in the family of a military aviator, where he lives on Pionerskaya street, home. 1.

He received his higher education at the Tambov Higher Military Aviation School as a flight engineer of the 3rd class, from which he graduated in 1991.

From 1991 to 1995 he served in aviation garrisons, and then he was retired from the Melitopol military transport aviation regiment with the rank of captain.

In 1995, he headed the PE “OlZheKa”, specializing in the sale and warranty repair of household appliances. He was in office for two years. Then he became head of the Melitopol brewery, and 10 years later he sold a controlling block of his shares. In 2000, he was head of the Avtogydroagregat plant. There, by 2012, he was also working as deputy director of economics.

In 1998, the political “path” of Eugene Balitsky began. Until 2002, he was a deputy of the Zaporizhzhya Regional Council. Since 2010 he continues his deputy activity in the Zaporizhzhya Regional Council, but as a member of the political party “Party of Regions”. At the same time, he served as Acting Director of the Department at the Ministry of Economy and European Integration of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. At the same time, he was a member of the standing committee on the budget.

From 2014 to 2019 Balitsky was a people’s deputy of the VII – VIII convocations from the political parties “Party Regionov” and “Opposition Bloc”.

As an MP, Yevgeny Balitsky became famous as one of the “disgraced MPs” who was already pushing pro-Russian rhetoric. He often got into scandals for violating personal voting, purchased and registered real estate in the occupied Crimea in his wife’s name, and was involved in corruption cases.

For example, neither in the declaration of his wife, nor in the declaration of Eugene himself there was no mention of the five planes registered by his wife Natalia. Given the family’s declared income in 2013-14, there is no way the Balitsky’s could have afforded to buy these planes in 2015. And already in June 2015, Natalia Balitskaya registered five Cessna Model 172 RG aircraft in her name. The cost of a single aircraft ranges from 40-100 thousand dollars.

Balitsky has always been noted for his “pro-Russian” rhetoric and has been involved in “high-profile” scandals, which were artificially created by the Kremlin.

For example, on December 26, 2016, at Balitsky’s initiative, a resonant draft law “On ensuring state support for the development, promotion and protection of the Russian language and other languages of national minorities in Ukraine” was introduced. According to the SBU, the organization of the law was supervised and paid for by foreign customers.

Also, according to Balitsky, Ukrainian enterprises asked en masse to restore economic ties with Russia.

To this end, a number of plants have recorded a video appeal to former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko demanding the restoration of economic ties with Russia. Later it turned out that some of the videos were simply edited from other actions. For businesses that went bankrupt long ago and did not have a website, one-day websites were created where similar appeals were put up. Eugene Balitsky’s enterprises also participated in this propaganda campaign.

In occupied Sevastopol there is a family restaurant Balitsky “Obliko Morale”, which the family of the MP got already after the seizure of Crimea. It offers a discounted meal to the military. It is noted that this steak cafe was the last acquisition of the family of deputy Yevgeny Balitsky in 2017. Military personnel of the Russian Navy are especially welcome here, and even provide them with a 10% discount.

Since 2018, Balitsky actually lived with his family on the territory of Crimea, where he took his business.

After he moved to the occupied Crimea, he gave numerous anti-Ukrainian interviews for propaganda Russian media, where he called on the population of Ukraine to “reconcile” with the loss of Crimea and Donbass, and criticized the Ukrainian authorities.

After the full-scale offensive of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, the traitor went over to the side of the enemy and became a member of the temporary administration of Melitopol. After that, he was appointed the so-called “head of the civil-military administration of Zaporizhzhia Oblast,” and even enlisted force to seize the entire territory of Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

Now Balitsky actively controls the activities of the company engaged in the export of grain from the occupied territory of Zaporizhzhia region.