Full name: Batsokin Sergey Viktorovich

Date of birth: March 14, 1965

Address: Ukraine, Kherson region, Kherson, 35 Mira Street, kv.23.

DRFO: 2381416093

Phone: +380505771135, +380675543895;


-Higher -Daugavpils Higher Military Aviation Engineering School. Я. Graduated from the Fabrizius University, specializing as an aviation equipment electrical engineer (1982-1987);

-Higher education: National Academy of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, specialty in law enforcement (1996-1999);


Head of Personnel Inspection of the Department of Internal Affairs of Kherson Oblast in Kherson;

– litigation and claims representative at the insurance company Knyazha Vienne Insurance Group;

– t.s. “head of the inspection of the personnel of the occupation police of the city of Kherson;

– Collaborator, collaborates with the occupation administration of the Russian Federation;





Married, with children.

Sergey Batsokin, an experienced corrupt cop, traitor and insurer, was born on March 14, 1965, in the city of Kherson. Sergey spent his childhood and school years in the area where he lived and decided to pursue a military career, and in 1982 he enrolled at the Daugavpils Higher Military Aviation Engineering School as an aviation equipment electrician. Я. Fabrizius and became an officer in the Soviet Army in 1987.

It is not known for certain whether Batsokin continued to serve in the SA or left the armed forces. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, Sergei was allegedly downsized and discharged from the army. After his dismissal, Batsokin made a decision popular at the time – he goes to work for the police, and in 1996 with the purpose of re-training he enters the National Academy of Internal Affairs of Ukraine with a specialty in law enforcement. After graduation from the academy in 1996, Sergei returned to his native Kherson for further service in the Department of Internal Affairs of Kherson region in the city of Kherson. In his service he distinguished himself not by fighting criminals, but by clearing them up before criminal prosecution, while he did not offer such “services” to Ukrainian-speaking criminals and was happy to fabricate cases against them and send them to places not so remote on far-fetched charges.

Sergei Batsokin did not particularly succeed in the agencies, reaching for more than 13 years of service only to the position of head of the inspection of personnel of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Kherson region in the city of Kherson. In March 2008, Batsokin resigned from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and took a job at a private insurance company “Knyazha Vienne Insurance Group” as a litigation and claims representative. He is also known for his participation in the news story about bad roads in Kherson. It seems that fate knew even then what Batsokin would become in the future, and when he hit a pothole, two expensive titanium discs on his car burst.

Interestingly, back in 2015, before the full-scale war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, Sergei Batsokin posted his resume and planned to move to one of the regions of the Russian Federation under the program of resettlement of compatriots, if he was provided with a job and living quarters.

Be that as it may, he failed to move to the Russian Federation and Batsokin continued to work in the insurance industry until the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia on February 24, 2022. After Russian occupation troops entered Kherson, Batsokin was invited to “return” to the service of the “occupation administration. Sergei was unspeakably happy that he was remembered by those he wanted to move to, and he accepted the offer to betray Ukraine and his fellow Khersonians. The occupiers did not think long and appointed Batsokin to the position of so-called “head of the inspection of the personnel of the occupation police in Kherson,” now he will supervise the work of the new “wards,” when the latter will search neighborhoods in search of resistance fighters and identify “unreliable employees.”

Sergey Batsokin as a former policeman knows very well that for crimes always comes inevitable retribution. Kherson partisans have already taken him “on the pencil” for cooperating with the enemy. The leadership of this “hero” also keeps up with the partisans – the FSB is assiduously cleansing the “spent material” so that he does not “come to his senses” and surrender to the Ukrainian authorities with interesting information about his handlers. However, it does not matter, because Batsokin awaits an imminent death for his betrayal.