Full name: Benko Vitaly Vitalievich

Date of birth: July 17, 1972

Place of birth: Kirovograd region, Dimitrovo settlement

Place of residence: Kherson region, Kherson, Stepana Razina street, 75, kv.185.

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: MO535319

Identification number: 2649623070

Mobile numbers: +380505057090, +380675535925

Occupation: a collaborator, voluntarily took the side of the occupant, the so-called. a police officer of the occupying power of the rf


Labor Activities:
  • A police officer in the city of Kherson;
  • Head of operational and technical support of the Main Department of the National Police in the Kherson region;
  • Pensioner of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • An officer of the occupation police in the city of Kherson;
  • Employee of the Kherson Regional Police Department, established on the basis of the Kherson District Department of the occupying power of the rf.

Activities on the side of the occupier:

With the beginning of a large-scale war, he defected to the side of the occupier and showed a desire to cooperate with the aggressor. By order of Benko Vitaly, the occupation troops are searching for former and current law enforcement officers.

Also takes part in the dissemination of personal data about the senior staff of internal affairs bodies in the city of Kherson and Kherson region.

Moreover, possessing a huge database of information about the places of residence of relatives of employees of the Interior Ministry conducts raids with further threats and the use of physical violence.

Takes part in the search for Ukrainian nationalists and partisans. At the direction of Vitaly Vitalievich, the local population is being recruited to prepare for the so-called referendum on the incorporation of Kherson into the Russian Federation.

It is important to emphasize that Vitaly is extorting money from the pro-Ukrainian strata of the population. The amount to be paid in exchange for freedom, is $ 10,000 or give property in cash (car, jewelry, appliances, antiques, family heirlooms), otherwise he threatens reprisal.