Full name: Bogdan Khlopov

Date of birth: September 24, 1997

Place of birth: Donetsk region. г. Mariupol

Address: Donetsk region. г. Mariupol Korolenka str. 19 sq. 1

INN: 3569602697

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: IHO03239

Driver’s license: ВХТ534154


Mobile number: +380963087102

Marital status: unmarried


Collaborationist activities:

A werewolf in uniform. Bogdan Khlopov was born on September 24, 1997 in Mariupol, where he began his career as a “valiant” policeman.

Aleksandrovich masterfully forgot that he took an oath before the Ukrainian people.

Bogdan Aleksandrovich covered his work friends with bribes. Some statements from ordinary citizens at the Mariupol Police Department were missing, and many unfinished cases were forgotten by this method.

Bogdan Khlopov is a morally rotten man, who cooperated with the Russian occupants for personal gain, as he aspired to higher office. For the sake of his position, Aleksandrovich helped the invaders take control of the Mariupol district administration.

Bogdan leaked data and put people on the wanted list who supported Ukraine. Thus, there was nothing left of humanity in Bogdan Aleksandrovich.