Full name: Bolbot Dmitriy Alexandrovich

Date of birth: 20.07.1964

Address of residence: Kherson, 27 Voroshilova str.

Marital status: divorced


  • Kherson Gymnasium No. 1;
  • Shipbuilding Technical School. Admiral F. F. Ushakov;
  • Industrial Institute, specialty “mechanical engineer

Mobile number: +380503185045

Occupation: Collaborator in the Kherson regional administration


The Political Way:

1991 – 1994 – deputy of the Kherson City Council, headed the Committee on Youth and Sports;

19982002 – deputy of the Kherson City Council on the use and sale of communal property;

20022006 – deputy of the Kherson City Council of the 4th convocation from the “Party of Regions”;

20062010 – deputy of the Kherson City Council of the 5th convocation from the “Party of Regions;

2010 – 2015 – deputy of the Kherson City Council of the 6th convocation from the “Party of Regions”;

2015 – Deputy of the Kherson City Council from the party “Our Edge”.


Dmitri Alexandrovich has the status of a politician who is perpetually belittled, hides his assets in every way and tries to “grab a piece as big as possible” with the easy hand of an official.

Once, back in 2008, Dmitry Alexandrovich deftly and skillfully privatized the communal property of Kherson. Kherson. Took a loan from Sberbank rf.
340 000$
I took out a loan with Sberbank rf, which was an unimaginable amount of money, not like now, but even more so back then.

He pulled off a profitable scam just on the sly during the global crisis in 2008 and got away with it. As was to be expected, Dmitry never returned the money to Sberbank.

The question of filing an income tax return is a separate but trivial story. Everything is classic: the house, the car, the money in foreign currency is transferred to the underage children and wife.

In 2015-2016, Dmitry surprised everyone at all. In the declaration there was registered the total of
36 000 UAH
which amounted to his entire income as the sole breadwinner of the family. This amount also appeared during the filing of documents for registration with the Central Election Commission.

There is even talk that the divorce from his wife can be regarded as a move on a horse, because since the “single life” Dmitry Alexandrovich’s pocket became freer, but still a modest income.

For the year the income was less – 70,000 hryvnia and left a number of corporate rights to enterprises, some of which are likely to share with his wife.

Apparently it became difficult for Dmitry Alexandrovich to live in Ukraine, because he has so many ill-wishers, law enforcement agencies and people waiting for their honestly earned money to come back.

Collaborationist activities:

It did not take long for Dmitriy to start saving the drowning men themselves and began to support and promote pro-Russian sentiments in Kherson.

As an odious businessman, Dmitri was destined for a special mission: to build bridges with the business elites of Moscow, who, in turn, communicate closely with the “big stars” in the Russian Federation.

On 12.03.2022, at an emergency meeting of the Kherson Regional Council, any attempts to create the so-called “Kherson People’s Republic” were rejected.

However, the very next day, a number of Kherson collaborators held a rally with Soviet symbols in support of the occupation authorities in Kherson, among whom Dmitry Bolbot was seen.