Full name: Budyka Boris Viktorovich Budyka

Address: Ukraine, Donetsk region, Khartsyzsk.

TIN: 611906166063


-President of the Swimming Federation of the “Donetsk People’s Republic”;

– entrepreneur of the city of Khartsyzsk;

-pseudo official of the “Dnr”, collaborator, traitor to the Motherland.



Budyka Boris Viktorovich – an accomplice of the Russian occupants, who chose the side of a collaborator and traitor was born in the village of Voykovskoye, Amvrosievsky district of Donetsk region. After a couple years, he moved with his parents to the town of Zugres.

Graduated from the Accounting and Finance Faculty of Donetsk National University, specializing in finance. After studying, he opened his own business in Khartsyzsk. He has had a passion for swimming and basketball since his youth. He is a candidate master of sports, champion of Donetsk region in swimming. President of the Swimming Federation of the Donetsk People’s Republic. Founder of the basketball club “Fresh Basket” (Khartsyzsk).

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

Budyka traitor by staunch pro-Russian views, willingly began cooperating with the occupiers back in 2014. Organized the purchase and transfer of foodstuffs and basic necessities to the occupation authorities of the city for further transfer to the fighters of illegal formations.

For “good service” he was repeatedly recognized with certificates of honor and other signs of gratitude.In 2018, the collaborator became a laureate of the award “the man of the year of dnr” and won in the nomination “for achievements in the field of entrepreneurship”.

The state trafficker also organizes a number of sporting events in Khartsyzsk and the republic, sponsors many competitions in the “dnr”, and actively cooperates with local authorities represented by the occupation authorities in terms of establishing an effective dialog between “business and government”.

In 2018, Boris Viktorovich was a proxy for the candidate for the position of “chairman of the Donetsk people’s republic” and filed documents for participation in the “preliminary voting of united Russia”.

Boris Budyka, an accomplice of the Russian occupiers, betrayed his country and went over to the side of the enemy. For this, the collaborator will have to answer to the court. After all, for such unlawful actions – punishment is inevitable.