Full name: Maria Valerievna Butina

Date of birth: 11/10/1988

Address: Russia, Moscow, Khamovniki district, 3, Smolenskaya str.

Education: Altai State University, specialties in political science and pedagogy (2005-2010);

American University, majoring in International Relations (2016-2018).

E-mail: [email protected]



a youth outreach specialist in the local branch of the All-Russian Youth Movement “Victory” (the party “Just Russia”);

– executive director of the Rotary Club of Barnaul;

a member of the Public Chamber of Altai Krai;

entrepreneur, selling furniture and advertising;

Special Assistant to the First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Alexander Torshin;

founder of the public organization Right to Arms;

a lobbyist for Kremlin interests in the U.S., imprisoned in an American prison;

– The propagandist who anchors at RT;

deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation;

– anti-Ukrainian propagandist.



father – Valery Viktorovich Butin

No children.

The concubine, the “spy.”Maria Butina was born on November 10, 1988 in Barnaul, the capital of the Russian Far East, a propagandist and member of the Russian State Duma. Butina spent her childhood in the Altai village of Kosikha, where she grew up. She studied at Gymnasium No. 22 with profound study of English. In the future, studying at a school with an English major will help Maria a lot in her life.

Immediately after graduating from high school, Butina enrolled in Altai State University, majoring in political science and pedagogy. At the same time, Maria began her activities in the political sphere as well, becoming a member of the Public Chamber of the Altai Territory by 2008, a position she held until 2010. After graduation, Butina has been in the furniture sales and advertising business for some time. That same year saw the birth of Butina’s main political brainchild, the public organization Right to Arms. Maria’s most famous hobby (besides American politicians) is shooting and everything to do with firearms, and the organization she created was for the well-intentioned purpose of protecting the interests of firearms owners. At this time, a certain Alexander Torshin joins her organization.

While doing business in Moscow, Maria Butina met, to put it mildly, not an easy man – Alexander Torshin, then first deputy chairman of the Federation Council, and got a job as a special assistant to Torshin. From that moment on, Butina’s story takes on a bright color. In 2015, Maria and Torshin visited the United States for the first time, accompanying her boss to his meetings with representatives of the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve System. At the same time, Butina began to make friends with members of the American establishment, primarily members of the National Rifle Association and, at the same time, members of the Republican Party. There are reports that she twice tried to arrange a meeting between Trump and Putin on an unofficial level. After establishing a dating network, Maria began lobbying U.S. politicians to reduce sanctions on Russia and improve relations with Moscow. For a cover story, Butina enrolled at the American University to major in international relations. Interestingly, Butina’s profile on the State Duma website does not indicate an American education.

Naturally, such active and blatant pro-Russian lobbying couldn’t help but piss off FBI officials, who arrested her on July 15, 2018, on charges of Maria’s activities as a “foreign agent” without notifying U.S. authorities. At first Butina denied everything, but then she agreed to a deal with the investigation and was sentenced to 18 months in prison. During the trial and the investigation, Butina frequently spoke of alleged torture, without providing any evidence to prove her case.

After serving her due time, on October 25, 2019, Butina was released from prison and deported back to Russia. A warm and pleasant meeting awaited her there, as well as a job as the host of an author’s program at the propaganda channel RT. On this channel, Maria passed a kind of “loyalty test” by visiting prisoner Navalny in prison in 2021 and literally slandering him, while slandering him for allegedly “refusing to work and receive treatment.

Butina gets a worthy reward for her vileness: a mandate in the Duma. Maria was also elected from the Kirov region, which, by the way, she never lived in. By the way, she wasn’t so steamed about her appointment that she didn’t campaign, didn’t meet with voters, didn’t do anything at all, just waited for the election. This is detailed in Alexei Navalny’s FBK investigation of Butina.

Unfortunately, Maria got into the State Duma, here she committed a worse crime than in America – she supported the war of Russia against Ukraine, voting on February 15, 2022 for the so-called. “Appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin to recognize the so-called ‘DPR’ and ‘LPR. Supported a full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation on February 24, 2022. Since the beginning of Russia’s aggression, it has actively promoted the so-called “special operation”, claiming that Russia will “help” the “LPRR” and vilifying the US and Western countries as Ukraine’s main allies.

Basically, a standard example of a cynical and unprincipled girl politician who, instead of lobbying for change and peace in her country, was a concubine of the American elite and then a propagandist “to order” from the Kremlin. Whoever Butina is, she remains a courtesan and a criminal. No matter how long the story lasts, Butina’s end will come. And infamous and disgraceful.