Full name: Cherevko Sergey Nikolaevich

Date of birth: August 11, 1975

Place of birth: Kherson

Places of residence:

г. Kherson, 18 Kommunarov str.

г. Kherson, 38 Dorofeeva str.

Marital status: divorced, but living with his ex-wife


– Kherson Gymnasium #3;

– Kherson State University

Mobile numbers: +380504945171, +380503901030, +79900014579

DRFO code: 2761603714


– a collaborator of the Kherson regional administration;

– the so-called “deputy head of administration for education, science, culture, health, and social welfare


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Kosenko Larisa Anatolievna

Year of birth: 1968

She served as head of the department of culture.

Position: Archival Department of the Kherson Council of the District Regional Administration

2020 – ran for the Kherson City Council of the 8th Convocation from the “Blok vladimir saldo”.


– The apartments are 50 sq.m., 29.9 sq.m. and 50 sq.m. One apartment was purchased January 2019.

The Political Way:

1998 – ran for the Kherson city council of the 3rd convocation according to the majoritarian system;

2002 – ran for the Kherson city council of the 4th convocation from the public association “Our City is Our House” by the majoritarian system;

2015 – Deputy Mayor of Kherson, part-time head of the regional organization of the “Khersonians” party;

2017 – he voluntarily resigned from his position as advisor to the mayor;

2019 – ran for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, was on the lists of the party “Opposition Bloc” as a member of the party, later the members of this party joined the party “Opposition”;


  • ran for the Kherson City Council, headed the list of the “Blok vladimir saldo” party, but was not elected;
  • ran as a candidate from the Vladimir Saldo Bloc party for the Korabelny District Council, where he was elected as a district councilor.

He betrayed the interests of Ukraine, went over to the side of the occupation administration in Kherson, and works closely with Vladimir Saldo.

On March 13, 2022, he was seen at a rally with Soviet symbols in support of the occupation authorities in Kherson, promoting pro-Russian sentiments and the further functioning of Kherson as part of the Russian federation, advocating the idea of creating a “Kherson people’s republic.

It is worth adding that Sergei continues to celebrate Defender of the Fatherland Day despite the fact that the holiday was officially cancelled back in 2014 and moved to October 14 – Defender of Ukraine Day.

Collaborator Activities:

Along with Vladimir Saldo, he was directly involved in the creation of the “Salvation Committee for Peace and Order,” which aimed to maintain order and synergy with the occupying power and the Russian Federation. The story about the creation of the “Committee for Salvation for Peace and Order” was widely broadcast in the mass media of the Russian Federation, among which was the TV station Russia Today, and the story was also covered by a cohort of Russian propagandists.

Moreover, in one of the videos regarding the creation of the “Salvation Committee for Peace and Order” it is seen that Sergei Cherevko voted for the approval of this formation.


– Two plots of land 307 sq.m. and 1,000 sq. m. in the city of Kherson and the town of Oleshki;

– residential house 75.8 sq.m. in the city of Kherson and an apartment 75.1 sq.m. in the city of Kherson;

– A 2010 Volkswagen CC vehicle that was purchased in October 2019;

– There may also be a KIA Cerato car that has been sold, but there are no facts about it in the declaration.