Full name: Anosov Denis Yurievich

Date of birth: July 21, 1995

Place of residence: Kaliningrad.

Rank: Lieutenant

Awards: Order of Courage for participation in the “sword” (2022)


– participant of Putin’s New Year’s greeting;

– participant of the “special military operation” on the territory of Ukraine;

– bomber


Lieutenant Denis Anosov was born on July 21, 1995. He serves in the southern eastern district of the Russian Federation and lives in Kaliningrad.

Dinis Anosov, like many servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces, turned out to be a terrorist and a war criminal. Anosov is a participant of a “special military operation” on the territory of Ukraine. Together with soldiers of the Southern Military District, he participated in the destruction of Ukrainian cities and the killing of civilians.

It is known that Anosov is fond of active recreation and engages in sports. What motivated him to go to a foreign country to kill women, old people and children is unclear. As a reward for lost conscience, health, and, quite possibly, life Anosov received the Order of Courage.

But for the outrageous crimes against Ukraine and its people, the terrorist Anosov Denis Yurievich, an accomplice of Putin’s bloody hands, will soon answer at the highest cost…At the cost of his own life.