Гедзерук Денис

Full name: Denis Igorevich Gedzeruk

Date of birth: May 13, 1980

Address: Ukraine, Lugansk, Sovetskaya str. 75


  • head of t.s.a. of the State Committee for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography;
  • an accomplice of the Russian occupation authorities, a collaborator;


  • TIN: 345912684167


The information on collaborators is taken from an OSINT community investigation:


Gedzeruk Denis Igorevich is a state traitor who believed in the “Russian world” and “liberators”, was born on May 13, 1980. He received his economics degree from Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University in 2002 and qualified as a lawyer in 2019 at the same university.

He started his career as a leading specialist of the main department of economy of the Luhansk regional state administration and then headed the department for promotion of small business development in the same department. Since 2008, he has also worked as an employee of the Lugansk Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

After the invasion of the Russian occupants Denis began to support anti-Ukrainian sentiments and became an accomplice of the Rashists himself.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

With the arrival of the pseudo-government and the creation of the so-called “Luhansk People’s Republic”, the collaborator Gedzeruk began to take an active part in the public and political life of the pseudo-republic and held various positions.

From 2017 to 2018, the collaborator worked as head of the logistics department of the occupation Ministry of Justice. Until 2019, he worked at the Chamber of Notaries. Since April 2021, he has been director of legal aid t.nz. of the Department of Justice.

The collaborator deliberately, by his own convictions and staunch pro-Russian views, went over to the side of the enemy. Such activity can be regarded as an attempt on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state, defection to the enemy under martial law and during an armed conflict, voluntary occupation of a position in the occupation structures, cooperation with the Russian occupiers and similar actions.

Having considered all the above facts it can be concluded that Denis Igorevich Gedzeruk is an accomplice of Russian war criminals and occupants and an accomplice of the crimes of the Russian authorities against Ukraine and its citizens.

For traitors like Denis. Gedzeruk should be subjected to capital punishment for high treason and complicity with the Russian occupants. It’s only a matter of time.