Full name: Miroshnichenko Denis Nikolaevich

Date of birth: 08.01.1987

Place of birth: Ukraine, Lugansk

Address: Lugansk region, the city of Lugansk, st.

INN: 3211811410


– deputy of the people’s council of the LNR;

– Chairman of the “Association of Youth of Lugansk region” of the LNR;

– Chairman of the Committee on Health, Education, Science, Culture, Labor and Social Policy, Family, Youth, Sports and Tourism of the People’s Council of the LNR.


Collaborationist activities:

Miroshnichenko Denis Nikolaevich was born January 8, 1987 in Lugansk.

Denis Nikolayevich, even though he was a child, grew up in a free Ukraine. But, apparently, having absorbed with his mother’s milk the ideology of the Russian beautiful life, he decided for himself to become one of the “main” in the LNR.

Over time, he became the head of the Lugansk city organization “Young Regions“, the leader of the association “Bulat. Denis went on to become the director of LOCRD Lugari.

As a young man, Denis liked to read books on psychology and thus began to use his knowledge for his own selfish purposes, organizing “anti-fascist rallies.

He led anti-Maidan protests, as well as actions in support of Russification and the restoration of the original culture of Lugansk.

In 2016, Miroshnichenko received a so-called LNR passport. And later he applied for a Russian passport.

Denis Nikolayevich disappeared without a trace on February 3, 2015 in Lugansk.

Miroshnichenko faces criminal liability, which he avoids.