Full name: Denis Evgenyevich Sidorenko

Date of birth: 08.06.1977

Places of residence:

  • Krasnodar Region, Yeisk, 12A Kirpichnaya St., Q. 15
  • Krasnodar region, Yeisk, Lenina str. 49
  • Altai Territory, Belokurikha, Zhdanov Brothers St., 2
  • Novosibirsk region, Novosibirsk, Gromova str., 17/2, sq. 200
  • Irkutsk region, Irkutsk, Baikalskaya str. 14B, k. 28
  • Novosibirsk region, Novosibirsk, 25 Let Oktyabrya street, 20/2, sq. 129
  • Novosibirsk region, Novosibirsk, Dachnaya street, 21/5

Occupation: war criminal, colonel, commander of “Bars-8” of the South Military District


  • passport: 5002 947924
  • TIN: 5405 37545304
  • SNILS: 134-709-310 49



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Ex-wife: Pirozhkova (Ivanishchenko) Julia Valeryevna

Date of birth: 26.03.1980



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Son: Maxim Denisovich Sidorenko

Date of birth: 23.04.2006


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Daughter: Sidorenko Daria Denisovna

Date of Birth: 31.07.2008



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Son: Ivan Denisovich Sidorenko

Brother: Sergey Evgenyevich Sidorenko

Date of birth: 21.06.1981


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Father: Evgeny Georgievich Sidorenko

Date of birth: 18.01.1955


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Biography of Denis Sidorenko

Denis Sidorenko was born on June 8, 1977. In 1999, he graduated with honors from the Novosibirsk Military Institute of Internal Troops of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs with a degree in law. In 2006 – General Military Academy of the Russian Armed Forces, also with honors, received the qualification “specialist in the field of management”. Master of Sports in all-around sports, professionally engaged in crossfit and vorkout.

From 1994 to 2011, Sidorenko served in the 63rd Special Purpose Regiment (m/u 3695, Angarsk). He took part in the Chechen punitive operation of Russian troops. He rose to the rank of commander of the unit, was promoted to the rank of colonel.

In May 2011, Sidorenko was convicted of corruption. He was banned from command positions in the military service for two years. Then he moved to the Siberian branch of the Departmental Security Directorate of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. Occupied the position of department head of the facilities security organization.

Later he moved to the Krasnodar region, to the resort town of Yeisk. There he became head of the culture and tourism department of the local administration. He created the company “Yeiskie Resorts”. Soon Sidorenko was reassigned to the position of head of the economy department of the Shcherbinovsky district administration.

He ran for mayor of Yeisk, was defeated.

Denis Sidorenko: war crimes

In 2023, Sidorenko (call sign “Maestro”) led the volunteer battalion “Bars-8”, which was sent to the temporarily occupied part of Zaporizhzhya region, as part of the 58th General Army.

There his unit was “distinguished” by a number of war crimes against the civilian population of the Polohovsky district. According to local testimonies, they were involved in kidnappings, extortion, and the murders of several farmers and businessmen.

In winter, the Bars-8 was taken directly to the first line. The unit began to suffer heavy losses due to poor training and provisioning. But the commander wasn’t with them. He went on a protracted vacation to Krasnodar, where the searching the local chat room for someone fun to spend the night with.

Sidorenko has again become a figurehead in a corruption scandal. Together with his brother, he organized the Bars East Charitable Foundation, where he began collecting donations for the needs of his unit. However, the money had disappeared. The Sidorenko brothers also launder loot from the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine through this fund.

Denis Sidorenko’s family

Denis Sidorenko was married to Julia Ivanishchenko. From the first marriage has two children: Daria and Maxim. Now lives with a new wife named Victoria, from her has a young son Ivan.

Daria Sidorenko was born on July 31, 2008. She lives with her mother in Novosibirsk and studies at local school No. 65. She was professionally involved in gymnastics, but had to stop performing; she works part-time as a coach.

Maxim Sidorenko was born on April 23, 2006. Studied at the Cossack Cadet Corps named after O. Kuyanov (Berdsk). Approximately from 2020, he began supporting the Russian opposition, primarily Alexei Navalny.

After the beginning of the full-scale invasion, he sharply condemned the actions of the Russian armed forces, donated to the AFU, tried to join the ranks of the Legion “Freedom of Russia”. In July 2023 was detained in Moscow while preparing to sabotage gas distribution network facilities. Listed on the terrorist and extremist list.