Full name: Bomko
Dmitry Alexandrovich

Date of birth: 06.01.1985

Place of residence:

Kherson region, Novaya Kakhovka, 34, Pobedy Ave.

с. Dmitrovka, Kherson region

DRFO code: 3105214393


Kiev sports boarding school

Mobile number: +380679753797

occupation: farmer from the village of Dibrova, Kherson Oblast; collaborator, voluntarily took the side of the occupant



Mother – Serova
Valentina Grigorievna

Valery Anatolyevich Serov is not the birth father of Dmitry

From 2007 to 2017, I was engaged in the provision of information services as a sole proprietor.

Criminal record:

Also charged in the case of inflicting light bodily injury, case number: 661/3973/20, Novaya Kakhovka, Kherson region.

On November 5, 2020, it became known that Dzmitry Bomko together with former Inspector of Justice Denis Baklashkin beat Sergei Belik with a stick.

Sergey took care of Dmitry’s animals in the village of Dibrova, Kherson region. After the beating, the victim was threatened with the use of a firearm and the demand to give him the documents for the vehicle.

During the beating, the attackers claimed that they would not incur any guilt because they were able to bribe representatives of law enforcement agencies.

Sergei Belik worked for Dmitry Bomko without official employment, with a salary of 150 hryvnias per day, taking care of the animals on the farm.

Consequences of beatings:

Concussion, fractures of both arms, two ribs, rupture of ligaments on suprapubic-femoral joints, surgery on the cheek.

On 01.05.2022 it became known that a serviceman Andrey Kuznetsov died in a hit-and-run accident; the local collaborator Dmitry Bomko was accused of this crime.

The clash occurred as a result of an ATO veteran, “cyborg.” Andrei Kuznetsov saw the car that was Z-symbols. When Andrew made the decision to rip off the symbolism with the letter “Z”Dmitry Bomko managed to turn the car around and deliberately drove the soldier at high speed, after which he hit him several times to finally not give the victim the slightest chance to survive.

Dmytro Bomko also gave the occupants addresses of residence of ATO participants in Dmitrovka village, Kherson region, for which he received some kind of protection from the aggressor.