Full name: Dmitriy Alexandrovich Bondarenko

Address: Ukraine, Donetsk


– an accomplice of the Russian occupiers;

– coordinator of the occupation administration on humanitarian issues;

– head of the department of life activity”.


An official in the power oftheDonetsk people’s republic” – Bondarenko Dmitry Aleksandrovich was born in Donetsk region. She worked at an engineering plant.

Bondarenko Dmitriy has long shown his commitment to the “Russian world” since the beginning of the illegal invasion of Ukrainian territory by Russian occupation troops in 2014. The “dnr” pseudo-authorities position Dmitriy Aleksandrovich as a “professional manager of the municipal sphere.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, the collaborator holds the position of “head of the life support department” in one of the temporarily occupied settlements of the Donetsk region.

In addition to his main “position,” the traitor works as a humanitarian coordinator. Bondarenko actively cooperates with the occupation authorities in Donetsk. The so-called “volunteer” of the political party of the occupant countryUnited Russiaactively participates in the activities of the illegal passportization of residents of the occupied territories of the Donetsk region with Russian passports.

Dmitry Bondarenko, a collaborator, will have to answer in court for betraying his homeland and violating Ukrainian law. After all, for such unlawful actions-punishment is inevitable.