Full name: Dmitry Vladimirovich Golenkov

Date of birth: 01.09.1978

Place of registration: Kaluga region, Kaluga; Shaykovka village, 10, sq. 56

Occupation: war criminal, terrorist, pilot of the 52nd Guards Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment.

Email: [email protected]


– Passport: Series 4901 No. 226347

– INN 531500515877

– driving license 40 03 561399


Wife: Golenkova (Krasilnikova) Tatiana Vladimirovna


Kaluga Oblast, Kaluga; Shaykovka village, 10, sq. 56

INN 531500054601

Phone: +79116050306

Skype: tatianagolenkova

Email: [email protected]

Son: Golenkov Nikita Dmitrievich


Lives in St. Petersburg at Sevastyanova St., 18 kv. 66, floor 3.

Phone: +79805131126

Email: [email protected]

Daughter: Golenkova Ulyana Dmitrievna


Kaluga Oblast, Kaluga; Shaykovka village, 10,

The information about war criminals is taken from an investigation by the OSINT community:

Short biography of Dmitry Golenkov

Major Dmitry Golenkov is the chief of staff of the Shaykovka air squadron. The future war criminal was born in the city of Bryansk. There is no reliable information about his place of study and service until recently. It is only known that Golenkov lives in the village of Shaikovka near the city of Kaluga, near the airbase of the same name.

War Crimes of Dmitry Golenkov

Golenkov currently serves in the 52nd Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment of the 22nd Division of Long-Range Aviation of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (hr 33310). It is there that long-range Tu-22M3 bombers are in service, from which the terrorists are shelling critical infrastructure and civilian facilities in Ukraine.

Dmitry Golenkov’s name first became known to the general public in connection with the missile attack on the Amstor shopping center in Kremenchug on June 27, 2022. And he became really “famous” after the air attack on an apartment building in Dnepr on January 14, 2023, which killed more than 23 people. It was Golenkov that the former deputy head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration, Gennady
Korban named
the most likely direct perpetrator of this crime.

Dmitry Golenkov’s Family

He is married to Svetlana Golenkova (nee Krasilnikova) and has two children: a son, Nikita, a student, and a daughter, Ulyana, a schoolgirl. The father’s “notoriety,” which he “earned” through his terrorist activities after February 24 last year, forced his family to close their social media pages and change their names. However, they did not manage to hide from the investigators, and Dmitry Golenkov himself will not be able to avoid payback for his war crimes.