Full name: Koshman Dmitry Yuryevich

Date of birth: April 1, 1971

Pseudonyms: Skif-4, Planner-1

Rank: Colonel

Place of birth: Lugansk

Places of residence:

г. Lugansk

  • Parkhomenka microdistrict, 39, apt. 9;
  • ul. Parkhomenka, 40, sq. 72;
  • ul. 44 Bakinskikh Komissarov St.

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: EK392631

Identification number: 2602319871

Driver’s license: KHS413463

Personal vehicle: Chevrolet Captiva

License plate: BB5800Vl

Mobile numbers: +380504761734, +380505489306, +380938523376, +380721053989

Occupation: collaborator, t.n. employee. MIA “LNR”

Labor Path:

1999 – Lenin District Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine;



  • deputy head of the department of financial and material support of the LNR ministry of internal affairs;
  • Head of the Human Resources Department at the Berkut Special Unit of the LNR Ministry of Internal Affairs;


  • Deputy Squad Leader – Head of the Berkut Mobile Squadron Personnel Department;
  • deputy commander of the Berkut for personnel support;
  • the commander of the special unit “Gryphon;

2018 – ” omon berkut” officer of the “lnR” ministry of internal affairs.

Going over to the side of the occupant:

He voluntarily and consciously took the side of the occupant, literally sold out the interests of the country and his officer’s honor. Among the employees spread the information that during Euromaidan the vertical of power in Kiev was broken, so we should expect a coup d’état.

He accepted the occupants’ offers to defect to the Russian Federation, after which he carried out a number of criminal assignments. He was involved in inflicting bodily injuries on colleagues who refused to switch to the occupier’s service, and organized surveillance of pro-Ukrainian citizens.

For his loyalty to the new government during the commission of certain crimes, he was soon appointed commander of the “Berkut” detachment of the so-called “LNR.

It is important to note that Dmitry’s career skyrocketed. In the next few years, he changed a lot of positions, rose to deputy commander of the “Berkut” on personnel support, also was the commander of a special unit “Gryphon”.

As commander of the Grifon special unit, he repeatedly conducted “educational” work with the personnel, assuring them that an illegitimate government was established in Ukraine after the Euromaidan.