Full name: Dmitry Vladimirovich Lipchansky

Date of birth: 31.08.1991

Address : Ukraine, Donetsk region, Telmanovo district, Telmanovo village, 49 Naberezhnaya str;


VK 442821


[email protected]


-Higher -Priazov State Technical University, specialty engineering mechanics and mechanical engineering (2008-2013);


– Senior Inspector of the Personnel Department of the State Enterprise “Telmanovsky Avtodor”;

– t.s. “deputy head of the occupation administration of the Telmanovsky district;

– Collaborator, collaborator of the Russian occupants;




He is not married and has no children.

“Gauleiter” in the service of the occupants – Dmitry Vladimirovich Lipchansky, was born on August 31, 1991 in the village of Telmanovo, Donetsk region, where he lives to this day. Dmitry spent most of his life in this village, from childhood to betrayal.

After graduating from school in 2008, Dmitry entered the Priazovsky State Technical University to study engineering mechanics and mechanical engineering. However, Lipchansky went to work not in his specialty – in 2012 he got a job as a senior inspector of the personnel department of the state enterprise “Telmanovsky Avtodor”. There he dealt with the registration and accounting of personnel files, their employment, transfer and dismissal, and other personnel work. By the way, Dmitry wanted to change his occupation, as indicated by his resume on the job search site.

Unfortunately, Dmitry Lipchansky was never able to get another job, and became a traitor. In 2014, after the formation of the so-called “VVF. “DPR” and “LPR” Dmitry betrayed Ukraine and went over to the side of the terrorists. The latter “appointed” him to the “position” of the so-called “deputy head of the occupation administration of the Telmanovsky district of the DNR. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, 2022, Lipchansky continued to “work” for the occupiers. Thus a promising and ambitious worker became a renegade “gauleiter” in the “service” of the invaders.

Inevitable and just retribution awaits Dmitry Lipchansky for “working” for the enemy, which is approaching with each passing day.