Попелешко Дмитрий

Full name: Dmitry Popeleshko

Date of Birth: 09.08.1991

Place of birth: Zaporizhzhya region, village. Terpenye


  • Acting head of the administration of Terpenye village. Terpenye;
  • an accomplice of the Russian occupation authorities, a collaborator;

Address: Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya region, s. Terpenye, Jubilee street, 1


  • TIN: 900101217244


The information on collaborators is taken from an OSINT community investigation:

Biography of Dmitry Popeleshko

Popeleshko Dmitri Dmitrievich – a state traitor who believed in “Russian world” and “liberators”, was born on August 9, 1991. He worked as a power engineer for the Semyonovsky Village Council, also served as a deputy .

After February 24, 2022, the man supported Russia’s occupation actions toward Ukraine. This is how Dmytro began his close cooperation with the occupiers after the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, in particular in Donetsk region.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

In 2022, the collaborator Popeleshko joined the occupation structures of the Russian Federation operating on the territory of the occupied village of Terpenye and was appointed deputy head of the occupation administration of Terpenye village settlement of Melitopol district of Zaporizhzhya region. He was appointed deputy head of the occupation administration of Terpenievsky rural settlement of Melitopol district of Zaporizhzhya region.

Dmitry actively advocates for the ideas of “Russian peace” both in the city and in Melitopol district. He took an active part in the establishment of the fascist regime in the territory of the village, taking part in the “May 9” performance and the “people’s referendum”.

He is also involved in the theft of both Ukrainian and Russian humanitarian aid and its subsequent sale through retail outlets.

Popeleshko stands out because he took part in a propaganda video showing the tearing down of a sign indicating the presence of the Ukrainian village council in the building.

For such traitors as Dmitriy Popeleshko should be applied the highest measure of restraint for high treason and complicity with the Russian occupants it will certainly come. It’s only a matter of time.