Full name: Dmitry Mikhailovich Savluchenko

Date of birth: April 22, 1990

Address of residence: Kherson, Tekstilshchikov Avenue 10, apartment 116


– Kherson Comprehensive School #50

– Kherson National Technical University

DRFO code: 3298407517, 2933223413

Mobile number: +380662489565

Occupation: t.s. Head of the Department of Family, Youth and Sports in the Civil-Military Administration of the Kherson region

The Political Way:

2020 – ran for the Dnieper district of Kherson from the “vladimir saldo bloc” party


From 2014-2015, Dmitry Mikhailovich proved himself negatively in Kherson; he was one of those who openly expressed his pro-Russian political views and stood at the origins of Ukraine’s integration into the Russian Federation.

He was a pro-Russian activist from the “sharia” party. Like many politicians in Kherson, Dmitry Mikhailovich worked closely with vladimir saldo and was an assistant to Kirill Stremousov.

He was the initiator of not allocating funds from the city budget to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Act of the proclamation of the Ukrainian State and the Volunteer Day.

Hired people to perform flash mobs of Soviet songs in public places.

Since the moment of the Russian invasion of Ukraine from 24.02.2022 Dmitry Mikhailovich contributed to the Russian invaders in every possible way. He was one of the initiators of the creation of the “Committee of Salvation for Peace and Order” in Kherson, and was also the organizer of the youth organization “Novaya Rus'”.

At the beginning of April Dmitry Mikhailovich left for Moscow for some time, as he believed that the recent quarrel between members of the youth organization “Novaya Rus” and the Right Sector could pose a threat to his safety and life.

On 24.06.2022 it became known that Dmitri Mikhailovich died as a result of the triggering of an improvised explosive device that had been placed on his car.