Full name: Dmitriy Alexandrovich Ugnivenko

Date of birth: 07.07.1999

Address of residence: Ukraine, Mariupol, Donetsk region, Krupskaya str. 9A

INN: 3634700113

Passport: BT162332

Driver’s license: VHO130154

Phone: +380971558784, +380987421915

Email: [email protected]


-A former employee of the National Police of Ukraine;

-Nsf dnrmilitant;

-A renegade, a terrorist, a collaborator.


The policeman in the service of the Russian occupants, Dmitry Aleksandrovich Ugnivenko, was born on July 7, 1999, in the city of Mariupol, Donetsk region. After graduating from high school I decided to tie my life to the service. He entered the Mariupol Police Academy. After graduation, he served in the anti-crime department of the Mariupol MB of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Donetsk Oblast. He served as a senior police sergeant in the Rubizhansky Police Department.

Traitor Ugnivenko himself has more than once broken the law. Outside of the service, he was involved in ferrying cars with foreign license plates and getting a cut for it.

With the beginning of the invasion of the occupation troops of the rf in 2014, the dastardly creature Ugnivenko went over to the side of the “dnr” fighters. As a member of illegal armed formations, the lowlife Ugnivenko took part in the organization of terrorist acts within the illegal formation “sparta dnr. He stood guard at checkpoints in order to “prevent Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel from breaking through.

Dmitry Ugnivenko, an accomplice of the Russian occupation troops, through his criminal connections, helped the “DnR” fighters obtain weapons, and also continued his old business of ferrying cars for the republic’s criminals.

Such despicable creatures as Dmitry Ugnivenko belong first under the tribunal, and then in hell. After all, such brutal actions against their own people will have to be met with a very high price.