Full Name:
Dmitry Nikolayevich Vorona

Date of Birth:

Possible addresses:
Ukraine, AR Crimea, g. Simferopol, 21, Treneva str., sq. 82,

Contacts: +79786605487

Passport: 4519 227809

TIN: 910233769150

Email: [email protected]

Vehicles: Toyota Camry license plate number K180CM82 VIN XW7BFYHK90S158006

Audi Q7 license plate number M700BC82 VIN WAUZZZZ4MXGD056655

Volkswagen Golf license plate number H943AC761 VIN WVWZZZZZ1JZ3W243524


– was in the private practice of law;

– is a civil servant and has held senior positions in the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers;

– a traitor, went into the “service” of Gauleiter V.O.. Crimea to Aksyonov;

– “deputy” of the so-called “Zaskobraniya Zaporozhye region of the Russian Federation”;

– senator of the federation council;

-collaborator, accomplice of the Russian invaders;


Vorona Dmytro Nikolaevich – lawyer, civil servant and businessman who defected to the side of the Russian occupants was born on July 24, 1980 in the city of Donetsk, Donetsk region. Earlier he worked in law firms in Donetsk, and later went into public service and held high government positions, in particular he was Deputy Minister of Justice, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine, Chairman of the State Migration Service of Ukraine.

Even before the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022 Dmitry did not hide his separatist views and openly supported Russian aggression, went over to the side of the enemy, engaged in collaborationist activities.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

Even before overt Russian aggression began in 2019, Vorona converted to Russian citizenship. In 2020, he moved to temporarily occupied Crimea, where he became director of the joint-stock company Corporation for Development of the Republic of Crimea.

After the invasion began, Dimitri finally became a collaborator and took a job as an advisor to the “head” of the v.o.s. Serhiy Aksyonov of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. However, his journey of betrayal did not end there. With the occupation by the Russian Federation of part of the territory of Zaporizhzhya region of Ukraine, Vorona was “assigned” to the “gauleiter” E. Balitsky as a “deputy” of the so-called. “zaskobraniya zaporozhye oblast rf”. Presented to the Russian state award “Order of Friendship”.

Smelling that Balitsky had fallen into “unspoken” disfavor with the rf top leadership and taking into account the risk of the inevitable liberation of Zaporizhzhya region from the russian occupation troops by the AFU, Dmytro Vorona decided to “protect” himself and made an agreement with the gauleiter to send him to the federation council as a senator from the so called rf. of the “zakosobraznya”, where Vorona became another “deputy”, now the sf committee on economic policy.

For the betrayal of his native state and collaborationism of the collaborator of the Russian occupants, the police officer Dmitry Vorona will be justly punished, and he will definitely pay for all the sins and all the blatant actions towards Ukraine and its people.