Full name: Dmitry Valeryevich Zharkikh

Date of birth: 26.03.1986

Place of birth: Autonomous Republic of Crimea, city Feodosia

Occupation: War criminal, terrorist, commander of the 8th Artillery Regiment

Places of residence:

  • 22 Komsomola St., St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 55-2 Yuzhnyi Obkhod St., bld. 68, Stavropol, Russia.


  • passport: 4007 002334

Vehicle: Nissan Qashqai, license plate C407UM161




Wife: Natalya Igorevna Zharkikh

Date of birth: 15.10.1984


[email protected]

Daughter: Anastasia Dmitrievna Zharkikh

Date of birth: February 14, 2009

Phone: +79057361518

Biography of Dmitry Zharkikh:

Dmitry Zharkikh was born in the Ukrainian city of Feodosia. His father is Valery Zharkikh. He was a native of Nikolaev, but lived and studied in Kherson. So Dmitry Zharkikh often came to this town as a child, where his grandfather and grandmother lived in apartment No. 9 on Sobornaya Street, 25. He also visited nearby Oleshki, visiting his aunt Olga Shkrob.

Then Dmitry Zharkikh moved to St. Petersburg, where he graduated from the Mikhailovsky Military Artillery Academy. His father, meanwhile, was promoting the Russian narrative in Ukraine. He imagines himself and his son to be the heirs of the Russian nobility. He participated in a number of “noble” organizations and published several pamphlets on this subject. One of them was co-authored by Dmitry Zharkikh.

Dmitry Zharkikh received an order from Putin

Dmitry Zharkikh participated in the occupation of Crimea, then fought in the Donbass. At present, he commands the 8th Coastal Defense Artillery Regiment of the 22nd Army Corps of Coastal Forces of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. He has the rank of lieutenant colonel. On New Year’s Eve received the Order of Courage from the hands of a Kremlin dictator. It’s true that in the crowd during his “congratulations” Zharkikh was not called.

“As a regimental commander I am proud of my subordinate officers, warrant officers, soldiers and sergeants. We have won and will continue to win, as we are united and united by a single impulse, a single desire to defeat the enemy, to defend the Russian world as the basis of the unity of our homeland. And in this we are helped by the great example of our ancestors from ancient times to the present,” – stated the lieutenant colonel during the awarding ceremony.

War Crimes of Dmitry Zharkikh

It is worth noting specifically for what services Zharkikh received the order. On December 24, 2022, fighters of the 8th Regiment twice shelled the central part of Kherson, where there was not a single military facility, with Grads. This happened by direct order of Lieutenant Colonel Zharkikh, who spent a significant part of his childhood in this city.

Medical facilities, residential buildings, a bank, the Central Market, grocery stores, a humanitarian aid delivery point and a parking lot came under fire. Eleven Kherson civilians were killed and another 64 were wounded. On this fact the SSU announced to Lieutenant Colonel Zharkikh on suspicion of violating the rules and customs of war.

It is noteworthy that at the same time his aunt Olga Shkrob assisted the occupiers in Oleshki in every possible way. Previously, she was an official of the regional state administration, and after the arrival of the Rashists, she became involved in “humanitarian issues”. She told happily that soon her fellow countrymen would start starving to death, so sooner or later they would come for Russian “humanitarian aid”.

“Hero” Dmitry Zharkikh

And while Dmitry Zharkikh shelled the towns of his childhood, including Oleshki, where his traitorous aunt lives, Russian propaganda elevated him to the rank of “hero”. RF Ministry of Defense dedicated an entire post to him on a controlled media dump. It is noted that under his leadership it is alleged that “three SAU, two pickup trucks, an APC and 30 fighters were destroyed”.

In fact, Lieutenant Colonel Zharkikh only knows how to fight civilians by shelling peaceful Ukrainian cities. All of his crimes are thoroughly documented by law enforcement, and retribution will inevitably come. His relatives, who became collaborators, will also get what they deserve, according to the law. And the Russian family of Lieutenant Colonel Zharkikh will be embarrassed to say his name out loud. The name of the executioner and killer of innocent civilians.