Full name: Elena Frolova

Address: Ukraine,Zaporozhye region,Melitopol city


– an employee of the occupation administration of Melitopol;

– “Specialist of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the region”;

– An accomplice of the Russian occupation authorities

– a participant in the September election


Frolova Elena is an employee of the occupation administration in Zaporizhzhya region, born in Russia. She was born in the city of Melitopol. She lived in Russia for some time and worked in the culture center.

After the beginning of a full-scale invasion of the territory of Ukraine by Russian occupants, Elena Frolova showed her anti-Ukrainian position and supported the policy of the occupants on the territory of Zaporizhzhya region. The woman voluntarily agreed to cooperate with representatives of the racist authorities and began working in the sphere of culture under the occupation authorities.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

The collaborator took the position of “specialist of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the region under the administration of Zaporizhzhya region“. The woman organizes and conducts events in favor of the aggressor country. It promotes the “Russian world” and supports occupation and armed aggression.

The collaborator also became the “face” of the Russian “masters of hospitality” project. Fulfilling the tasks of the Russian occupiers, Frolova will be engaged in the development of tourist communities, interacting with the rf state structures. The pseudo-officer has repeatedly stated that she will contribute to the integration of Zaporizhzhya region into the russian cultural space.

Another of Frolova’s crimes against Ukraine is agitation of residents of temporarily occupied territories of Zaporizhzhya region to participate in the “elections” planned by the Rashist occupants on September 8,9,10. After all, the accomplice of the Rashists willingly agreed to ensure the process of “votingday” from the party “united Russia” and acted as chairman of the territorial election commission number 2 in the city of Melitopol.

For her complicity with the occupation troops, assistance to the enemy and pro-Russian stance, the traitor Elena Frolova will soon face imminent punishment.