Елена Элекчян

Full name: Elena Feliksovna Elekchyan

Date of birth: 03.02.1966


  • Acting the minister of the Crimean Ministry of Industry;
  • an accomplice of the Russian occupation authorities, a collaborator;

Address: Ukraine, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Simferopol, Kievskaya str. Simferopol, Kievskaya str. 81


  • TIN: 910203717250



Elekchyan Elena Feliksovna – a state traitor who believed in the “Russian world” and “liberators”, was born on February 3, 1966 in Simferopol. She received her first higher education as a civil engineer in 1989, graduating from the Dnepropetrovsk Construction Engineering Institute. Elena received her second higher education in law in 2002 at the Odessa Institute of Internal Affairs. In 2009, she graduated from the Odessa Regional Institute of Public Administration of NAGU.

Elena Elekchyan ‘s labor activity began in 1986, she worked at various enterprises in Simferopol until 2000. In 2002, she took the position of the Head of Metallurgy and Machine Building Department of the Ministry of Industrial Policy, Transport, Communications and Fuel and Energy Complex of the AR Crimea, holding this position for eight years. In 2010, she became the Head of the Industrial Policy Division of the Department of Innovation and Industrial Policy of the Republican Committee of Crimea, supervising the issues of energy efficiency and development of renewable energy sources.

After the invasion of the Russian occupants, Elena began to support anti-Ukrainian sentiments and became an accomplice of the Rashists herself.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

With the arrival of the pseudo-governments and the occupation of Crimea, the collaborator Elekchyan joined the occupation structures of the Russian Federation operating on the territory of the occupied Crimean peninsula and continued to work as the head of the Industrial Complex Department of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of the occupied Crimea. Afterwards, she was appointed to the position of the “acting Minister of Industrial Policy of Crimea”

Now state traitor Elena Elekchyan provides direct assistance to the occupation structures and actively performs organizational and administrative functions on behalf of the occupation authorities.

As part of her “cooperation” with the Russian invaders, Olena was actively engaged in pro-Russian agitation, in private conversations justified the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and expressed support for the “Russian world”.

For traitors like Elena Feliksovna Elekchyan. the ultimate penalty for high treason and complicity with the Russian occupiers must be applied, it will surely come. It’s only a matter of time.