Full name: Elena Viktorovna Karpova

Date of birth: 20.11.1987

Place of birth: Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya region, Melitopolsky district

Address of registration, residence: Ukraine, Kherson region, Genichesk district, Genichesk, Volodarskogo street, 9, sq. 3

TIN: 3210011804

Passport: MR 161459

Driver’s license: VHT 137692

Contacts: +380553436981, +380553436173, +380988172918


– an employee of an agribusiness;

– member of territorial election commissions;

– member of t.n. “Genichi Precinct Election Commissions



An accomplice of the Rashist illegal activities and participant of the fake voting process in the temporarily occupied territories of Kherson region – Karpova Elena Viktorovna was born in Melitopol district of Zaporizhzhya region. Then she moved to the territory of Kherson region, got a job, found a family in the town of Genichesk.

At first she worked for an agri-firm, dealing with the buying and selling of agricultural products. Since 2015, she has been registered with the Genichesk Department of Social Protection of Population.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

Karpova also has experience in local government elections and has repeatedly participated in the organizational direction, was involved in the polling stations during the elections.

It would seem that the woman feels patriotism and love for Ukraine, but with the beginning of a full-scale invasion of Russian invaders in February 2022, Elena Viktorovna showed her anti-Ukrainian position and openly supported the arrival of “liberators”.

Participation in pseudo-elections in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine:

Adjusting to the new “rules and laws” of pseudo-officers, in July 2023, Elena Karpova, a collaborator of the Rashists, agreed to “serve the occupants” and decided to become an organizer of the “day of unified voting” in Genichesk. As part of the non-legitimate event, the collaborator conducted propaganda campaigns to lure the local population to participate in the “elections”. The state trafficker found herself on the list of participants in the so-called. “Genicheskiy district election commissions and made rounds of houses of local residents in the presence of “people in uniform” and forced to vote those who even have a Ukrainian passport.

Made a choice in favor of the aggressor country, Karpova Elena Viktorovna committed high treason and for encroachment on theterritorialintegrity of Ukraine collaborator will answer to the law and will be punished by the highest measures of justice.