Full name: Elena Kolbasnikova

Date of Birth: 20.03.1975

Place of residence: Cologne, Germany.

Occupation.Agent of the Russian Federation, organizer of anti-Ukrainian rallies in Germany, “volunteer” for the army of the occupants

Data: KIA Sportage (German license plate K LS 382)

Contacts: Phone: +49 (157) 228-07-93

Civil Husband: Rostislav Tesliuk (pseudonym: Max Schlund)

Stanislav Bezverkhiy.
resides in Engels, rf.

Brother: Alexander Bezverkhiy – as of 2020 was a patrol policeman in the city of Dnipro

Son: Yaroslav, Born in 1994.

Daughter: Jennifer, 16.03.2001

Granddaughter: Alice, 19.03.2018

Short biography of Elena Kolbasnikova

Elena Kolbasnikova was born March 20, 1975 in the Ukrainian city of Dnieper, in 1992 she graduated from local school number 16. Kolbasnikova subsequently moved to Germany in 1996. Currently resides in the city of Cologne. She is active in the local sect of Messianic Jews and actions with nostalgia for the “Soviet Union. In 2019, Kolbasnikova met former Russian Air Force officer Rostislav Tesliuk (known by his pseudonym Max Schlund). The couple is in a civil partnership.

Kolbasnikova worked as a nurse, taking care of the elderly at home. Then her colleagues found out about her racist views and categorically refused to work with Kolbasnikova. In addition, they told clients about her activities. They, in turn, got the nurse fired and “even called her an ‘idiotic Russian cow. After that she gained popularity and became one of the leaders of pro-Russian rallies in Germany.

Kolbasnikova’s brother still lives in Ukraine and serves in the police force. In an interview with Reuters, he said that the family broke off relations with Elena because of her pro-Putin stance. In addition, she herself complained on social media that she was abandoned by her parents eight years ago because Russia was trying to destroy her home country.

Agent Activity of Elena Kolbasnikova

Elena Kolbasnikova actively cooperates with the German right-wing politician Markus Beisicht. Together they organize actions in support of Putin and against NATO. Kolbasnikova, together with Baizicht, was even invited to a reception at the Russian Consul General in Bonn, Alexei Dronov. This is yet another confirmation that Russian handlers encourage and coordinate Kolbasnikova’s activities.

Together with Rostislav Tesliuk, she leads the “Bridge of Heritage between Russia and Germany” organization. There is no information about her in the media social networks, and her Telegram page is blocked. Since last spring, the couple organized a series of actions in Germany in support of Putin’s regime.

In the summer, Tesluk and Kolbasnikova hosted a “day of music, food and sports” in Düsseldorf. The hall where the event took place was decorated with flags with the image of Ramzan Kadyrov. Chechen Information Minister Akhmed Dudayev posted a photo from there. He called Tesliuk and Kolbasnikova “goodwill ambassadors.

Over time, Tesliuk and Kolbasnikova changed the rhetoric of their actions. The main narrative was calls to lift sanctions on Russia. After all, “because of them, ordinary Germans have to pay more for utilities. The agents also demand that military aid to Ukraine be stopped. Because “the German government has no moral right to send its weapons to Eastern Europe. The allies of Putin’s agents in these demonstrations were far-right German politicians and organizations.

In October, Tesliuk and Kolbasnikova went to the temporarily occupied territories of the Donetsk region. They allegedly brought “humanitarian aid” as part of the PR campaign of the All-Russian People’s Front. This organization is headed by Vladimir Putin. In fact, the cargo was intended for the Russian military. In Donbass, the couple gave out interviews to propagandists, presenting themselves as “non-indifferent” Germans.

In December, Tesliuk and Kolbasnikova were supposed to go to a “forum for civil society activists” in Moscow. The trip was sponsored by the organization Russian House. It is part of Rossotrudnichestvo, a Russian state agency that has been under EU sanctions since July. The trip was disrupted, probably because agents Teslyuk and Kolbasnikova received a new assignment. Organize an action against Western arms deliveries to Ukraine under the Ramstein Air Base on February 26, 2023.

Elena Kolbasnikova faces imprisonment

Their activities have not gone unnoticed by journalists. Influential Western media outlets, including Reuters and DW, mention Kolbasnikova and Tesliuk in their investigations. The media has already labeled them as “Putin’s agents. The evidence gathered by journalists is enough for the couple to receive real prison sentences in Germany.

Thus, at the end of January it became known that Kolbasnikova and Tesliuk gave the Russian occupants 500 euros to buy radio equipment. The money was intended for the 42nd Motorized Division. This unit “distinguished itself” by a number of war crimes in the Zaporozhye and Mariupol directions.

According to the European Union regulation of February 25, 2022, the supply or financing of certain goods for the Russian army is strictly prohibited. The list also includes telecommunications equipment. At the same time, the laws of Germany suggest that violators of the EU sanctions are criminally liable – up to five years in prison. We hope that German justice will not hesitate to punish the Kremlin agents Tesliuk and Kolbasnikova.