Full name: Kunitskaya Alyona Grigorievna

Date of birth: 01.01.1982

Address: Ukraine, Energodar city, Zaporizhzhya region


– t.nz Director of the Culture Department of Energodar Administration;

– an accomplice of the “Russian world.”

– organizer of Russian events, collaborator with the occupying power, and collaborator with the occupying power


Kunitskaya Alyona Grigoryevna – a collaborator who betrayed Ukraine and went over to the side of the Russian enemy was born on January 01, 1982 in the village of Ushalka, Verkhnerogachinsk district, Kherson region. Before the war she lived and worked in the city of Energodar, Zaporozhye region.

But when the full-scale invasion of Russian occupation troops began, the woman openly supported the arrival of the “liberators” and did not hide her anti-Ukrainian sentiments.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

After the arrival of the Rashist invaders in the city of Energodar, Kunitskaya defected to the occupation authorities and betrayed her country. The woman began to build her career under the occupation authorities and agreed to the occupants’ “offer” to promote the culture of the “Russian world“. In 2022, Alyona Grigorievna took the position of pseudo-head of the Department of Culture of the Energodar administration .

The traitor became the organizer of many propaganda events in support of the Russian world.The collaborator “subordinates” six institutions subordinate to the gauleiter: libraries, music and art schools, the House of Culture “Sovremennik”, the Center for Children and Youth Creativity.The state traitor teaches children Russian culture, prepares her students to participate in song and patriotic competitions of the Russian Federation .

She took part in the Russian Personnel Contest “revitalization leaders. Zaporizhzhya region“.

Alyona Kunitskaya is directly involved in the promotion of “Russian culture” and “patriotic education”, respectively the destruction of Ukrainian identity.

In July 2023, a collaborator of the Rashists agreed to “serve the occupants” of the party “united Russia” and decided to become a participant of the “day of unified voting” on September 10 in Energodar, claiming that with the arrival of Russia “development awaits the Zaporizhzhya region”.

For complicity with the occupation troops and pro-Russian position collaborator Kunitskaya Alyona Grigorievna awaits imminent punishment, which will soon befall the traitor. You will love the “Russian world” when you find yourself in front of the tribunal.