Full name: Nechaenko Elena Grigoryevna

Date of birth: 18.05.1968

Address: Ukraine,Zaporizhzhya region,Energodar city

Contacts: +380663273738


– a specialist in accounting and auditing;

– accountant of the city’s “public education department” under the occupation authorities;

– An accomplice of the Russian occupation authorities


Nechaenko Elena Grigoryevna – accomplice of the Russian occupation troops was born on May 18, 1968 in the city of Energodar, Zaporozhye region.

He has a college degree in economics. Performed activities in accounting and auditing, financial advisory services. At the same time the woman believed in the “Russian world” and as a result the pseudo-patriot went over to the side of the occupants.

After the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian invaders on February 24, 2022, the collaborator began to support the arrival of the “liberators” and actively manifested her pro-Russian position.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

In April 2022, the traitor agreed to cooperate with the occupation authorities and set up social activities in the temporarily occupied territories under the guidance of the Rashists.

Elena Grigorievna currently works under the Department of Labor and Social Policy. The collaborator also held the position of “chief accountant” in the t.nz city “public education department” under the occupation authorities. Now paying teachers who brainwash Ukrainian children with Rashist rubles. I myself have attended “narrow world” patriotic education classes more than once.

The woman was also a candidate in the elections of Zaporizhzhya region from the occupation authorities, is on the lists of the party “united Russia“.

But the traitor cannot hide from the law. The accomplice of the “Russian world” will have to answer to the law for supporting the occupation troops and spreading pro-Russian sentiments. Collaborator Nechaenko will be justly punished.