Full name: Elena Sergeevna Rotonos

Date of birth: 09.12.1988

TIN: 3248501086

Passport: MR 309407

Address of registration, residence: Ukraine, Kherson region, Golopristansky district, Zburyevka village, 43, Kirov str.


– Gauleiter of the village of Staraya Zburievka, Skadovsky district, Kherson region;

– “Russian World” accomplice, collaborator

– “head of t.nz election commission” of Golopristan municipal district


The abettor of the Rashist illegal activities, t.nz village head and participant of the fake voting process in the temporarily occupied territories of Kherson region – Elena Sergeevna Rotonos was born in the village of Zburievka, Kherson region. Rotonos did not work anywhere and did not take any part in the life of the village before the occupation. She was registered at the Golopristansky district employment center.

With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian invaders in February 2022, the adherent of the “Russian world” showed her anti-Ukrainian position and openly supported the arrival of the “liberators.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

After the invaders came to the territory of Kherson region, Elena began to praise the “Russian world” and advocated the annexation of Kherson region to Russia. Actively disseminated narratives of Russian propaganda.

In June 2022, Rotonos volunteered to head the occupation administration of the village. She stormed into the office of the village headman and started giving away the admin room to her subordinate collaborants.

In this “position” Elena Rotonos was engaged in recruitment of personnel to educational institutions located on the territory of Starozburievsky Starostat of Golopristan community, accepted applications for Russian payments, held mass events to popularize the decisions and actions of the aggressor state and its armed formations.

After the liberation of the right-bank part of the Kherson region from the Russian occupiers in November 2022, the gauleiter is mainly in Skadovsk and “leads” the captured community remotely.

Participation in pseudo-elections in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine:

In July 2023, Elena Rotonos, an accomplice of the Rashists, agreed to “serve the occupiers” and decided to become an organizer of the “day of unified votingon September 10 in the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson region. Within the framework of the non-legitimate event, the collaborator conducted propaganda campaigns to attract the local population to participate in the “elections” as “chairman of the election commission” of Golopristan TEC, Golopristan municipal district, at the address in the village of Zhelezny Port, 64z Shkolnaya str. Zhelezny Port, Shkolnaya str. 64z.

Made a choice in favor of the aggressor country, Rotonos Elena Sergeevna signed her own verdict. After all, for treason and encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine, the woman will answer to the law and will be punished according to the highest measures of justice.