Full name: Elena Evgenievna Sulimova

Address : Ukraine, Kherson region.


– preschool director;

– t.nz inspector of the Department of Education of the Kherson region under the occupants;

– an accomplice of the Russian occupiers, a collaborator.


Traitor to the Motherland Sulimova Elena Evgenievna – born in the city of Kherson. Elena is a teacher by education and has worked in the field of education. He has a higher education. Graduated from Kherson State University. Before the war, she held the position of director of preschool education.

A literate and seemingly quite educated person, Elena Sulimova, made a decision that changed her life. Just not in a favorable light for her. On the contrary, from the side of the traitor and collaborator.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

In 2022, after
the arrival of the Russian occupiers
in the Ukrainian territories, Sulimova voluntarily defected to the enemy and started working in the illegal authorities of the aggressor country, namely in the occupation administration. Took a position in the so called. “Ministry of Science and Education” – t.nz of the Inspector of the Department of Education of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kherson region.

The collaborator on pseudo-duty happily meets with representatives of Putin’s authorities and local gauleiters, accepts humanitarian aid from the Rashists and brainwashes children with Russian propaganda in the form of public education lessons.

Collaborator Sulimova continues to work for the occupiers and supports their illegal actions in Ukraine, has close working contacts with representatives of “unitedRussia” and Rashist public organizations.

For violation of the legislation of Ukraine, Sulimova Elena Evgenievna will have to answer to the court. After all, for such unlawful actions-punishment is inevitable.