Full name: Chebykina Elizaveta Anatolievna

Date of Birth: 30.03.1954

Address: Ukraine, Dneprorudnoe Zaporizhzhya region

Contacts: +79900727926

Email: [email protected]


– an enabler and propagandist for the “Russian world“;

– State treason, participant of the preliminary voting “United Russia”;

– Chairman of the “election commission” of Dneprorudnoye.


Chebykina Elizaveta Anatolievna – a traitor to Ukraine, who believed in the “Russian world” and went to the side of the enemy was born on March 30, 1954 in the city of Dneprorudnoe Zaporozhye region. She has a pedagogical education and worked as a teacher in a secondary school.

As soon as the Russian occupation troops invaded the territory of Zaporizhzhya region, Elizaveta Anatolievna went to treason and voluntarily became an accomplice of the Russian invaders.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

The pensioner became an activist at all events organized by the occupants in the town of Dneprorudnoe. He actively promotes the ideas of “Russian peace” among local residents. Joyfully speaks at propaganda events organized by local gauleiters and representatives of Putin’s regime. The collaborator participates in gatherings of pro-Russian activists and discusses public issues. She was engaged in entrepreneurial activities for the benefit of the occupiers, organized humanitarian aid for the Rashists.

Also on the eve of the elections planned by the Rashists in September 2023 , the corrupt collaborator registered her candidacy from the political party “United Russia” and has already managed to participate in the preliminary voting. Then she was appointed “chairman of election commission #15” in Dneprorudnoe.

Chebykina Elizaveta Anatolievna, an accomplice of the Russian occupation regime, will be justly punished before the tribunal for betraying her homeland and promoting the ideas of the “Russian world“. Soon the collaborator will be held responsible for all her crimes.