Full name: Yelizaveta Sergeyevna Sych

Date of birth: September 5, 1991

Place of birth: Luhansk region, Markovsky district, Kuryachivka village

Place of residence: Luhansk region, Markovsky district, Kuryachivka village, 32A Kleshchovaya str.

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: EL042209

Identification number: 3348507402

Mobile numbers: +380677642087, +380660169108, +380985963217

Occupation: Markov village council state registry officer

Labor Activities:


Head of the center for administrative services in the Lugansk region;


Registrar of the Center for Administrative Services of Markov Rural Council;


  • The State Register of the Markov Village Council;
  • Assistant to the head of the administration of the occupation administration in the village of Markovka;
  • Head of the center for administrative services of Markov united territorial community
  • Assistant to the self-proclaimed head of the Markov village council.

Collaborationist activities:

With the outbreak of a large-scale war, she offered her assistance to the occupiers. She was appointed to a position in the so-called. local authorities.

Moreover, as the former head of the administrative services center, she provided the occupants with information about the residents of the Markov district. Particular attention was paid to the pro-Ukrainian population, which subsequently succumbed to severe punishment and torture by the occupation administration.

She offered her former colleagues from the administrative services center to defect to the Russian Federation, promising protection from the occupation troops in return, as well as the opportunity to move to the Russian Federation.

It promoted ideas and narratives of the “Russian world” among the local population , supports the occupation administration and aggressive actions of Russia’s top political leadership toward Ukraine.