Full name: Podroyko Evgeny Anatolyevich

Date of birth: August 10, 1991

Marital status: married

Place of birth: Lugansk region, Novoaidarsky district, Alekseevka village

Place of residence: Luhansk region, Novoaidarsk district, Alekseevka village, Lenina/Mira street, 26A.

Place of temporary stay: Luhansk region, Novoaidarsky district, Schastie village


Volodymyr Dahl Luhansk State University

Rank: Senior Lieutenant

Police badge: No. 0121435

Mobile number: +380953808716

Occupation: Officer of the District Department of Internal Affairs of the LNR


Labor Activities:


The precinct national police of the Novoadar district;

Police officer of the Preventive Sector of the Shchastia District Police Department of the Chief Directorate of the National Police;


A district inspector of Novoadarsky district of Lugansk region;

Police officer of the Precinct Officers Sector of the Preventive Police Department of the Shchastenskiy District Police Department;

A member of the people’s militia of the occupation authorities of the Novoaidarsky district;

An employee of the district internal affairs department of the so-called “LNR.

Collaborationist activities:

He voluntarily defected to the side of the occupier. Passed the personal data and places of residence of national police officers to the occupation troops.

Moreover, he compiled a written list of national police officers and soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who jointly defended the settlement. Called his former colleagues with an offer to go over to the side of the aggressor.

It searches for Ukrainian activists, patriots, ATO/OS veterans, and relatives of law enforcement agencies for further surrender to the FSB of the Russian Federation.

Supports the occupation regime, has expressed a desire to serve in the internal affairs bodies of the russian federation or the so called. “republics of the LNR/ NNR.

Took vehicles from the local population for further transfer to the use of the occupiers.