Full name: Sinko Evgeny Alexandrovich

Date of birth: 11.07.1988

Place of birth: Kharkiv Oblast, Dvurechanskiy District, urban-type settlement Dvurechnaya

Places of residence:

Kharkiv region, Dvurechanskiy district, Dvurechnaya village, Veternernaya street 19;

Kharkov region, Kupyanka district, Kyshvarivka v. 65, sq. 45

Education: Kharkov National Medical University

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: MN678554

Identification number: 3233413938

Mobile number: +380953236162

Occupation: collaborator, currently located in the city of Kupyansk and is the director of the Kupyansk Territorial Medical Center.


Activities on the side of the occupier:

In 2019, he served as director of the Kupyansk Territorial Medical Equipment, a municipal non-profit enterprise. In 2022, he became a deputy of the Kupyansk District Council from the political party “opzzh”.

With the beginning of the large-scale war, he began cooperating with the occupation troops, providing medical assistance to the injured fighters of the Russian Federation. He carries out propaganda work with medical personnel, proposing to defect to the occupant, otherwise he threatens to physically assault not only medical personnel but also their relatives.

Transmits to the invaders information on the medical personnel who refused to go over to the side of the occupant. Also transmits data on former patients, especially those who may be of real interest (ATO/OTO participants, cultural figures, members of the media, representatives of the executive/legislative authorities).

It also tries to convince the local population of the good intentions of the political actions of the highest military and political leadership of the Russian Federation.