Full name: Kuzmenko Evgeniya Nikolaevna

Date of birth: 06.01.1989

Address: Ukraine, Novotroitskoye, Kherson region




– an employee of a pre-school in Novotroitskoye;

– an accomplice of the “Russian world;

– the head of the Novotroitsk municipal district VGA;

– participant of the pseudo-referendum


Kuzmenko Yevgeniya Nikolayevna, a traitor and collaborator, was born and lived all her life in the urban-type settlement Novotroitskoye, Kherson region.

Yevgeniya Nikolaevna is an employee of a pre-school. The girl was also engaged in cosmetology and worked as a masseuse. After the full-scale invasion of the Kherson region by Russian invaders began to establish communication with the local occupation authorities.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

The masseuse voluntarily defected to the enemy and began organizing various events, including propaganda work in support of the “Russian world. Also on the eve of the referendum on the annexation of the Kherson region to the Russian Federation in September 2022, the collaborator intensified her desire to serve the occupants.

The abettor of the Rascists actively demonstrated on propaganda channels the people’s true love and support for the Russian Federation. In the local public boards, the collaborator urged residents to repaint Ukrainian symbols with the tricolor.

Voluntarily and on her own initiative, Evgeniya Kuzmenko took the position of the chairman of Novotroitskoye instead of the collaborator Bochko Y.G. Supports the occupation and provides the necessary assistance to the occupation authorities and promotes propaganda, including by organizing and conducting events in favor of the aggressor country.

Kuzmenko Evgeniya Nikolayevna was included in the list of despicable traitors and collaborators of Ukraine, and a just punishment awaits her for aiding the Russian enemy. After all, she will certainly have to answer both to the law and to her people for betraying her homeland.