Полное имя: Бодягин Евгений Евгеньевич

Дата рождения: 01.02.1980

Семейное положение: женат

Место рождения: Донецкая область, г. Мариуполь

Места проживания:

Донецкая обл., г. Мариуполь

  • ул. Петровского 7А;
  • ул. Лобачевского, дом 44;
  • проулок Ландшафтный, дом 31;

Донецкий обл., Великоновоселковский район, с. Ялта, ул. Нахимова, дом 32А


г. Мариуполь, школа №44;

г. Мариуполь, Механико-металлургический техникум, специальность: бухгалтер

Высшее образование:

Приазовский государственный технический университет, специальность: экономика предприятий

Паспорт гражданина Украины: ВА303497

Идентификационный номер: 2925104698

Мобильные номера: +380714990706, +380983157648, +380504745046

Род деятельности: т. н. заместитель главы оккупационной администрации г. Мариуполь по вопросам экономики, труда, социальной защиты населения и экологии



Женат, воспитывает двоих сыновей

Супруга — Виктория Бодягина (Деменкова)

Дата рождения: 09.05.1980

Labor Path:

До войны занимал пост директора департамента Мариупольского городского совета по вопросам экономики.


  • заместитель руководителя Сартанской сельской военно-гражданской администрации Мариупольского района;
  • директор департамента по вопросам экономики Мариупольского городского совета;
  • основатель частного предприятия “Єкоторг”;
  • заместитель главы местной администрации “днр” – администрации г. Мариуполь.

The Political Way:

2015 – candidate in local elections for Mariupol local council from the political party “Petro Poroshenko Bloc”.

Personal vehicles

Марка Модель Номерной знак
Fiat Doblo AH8865IH
Kia Sportage 08AT8298
Kia Ceed D2 05CB7026
Kia Ceed AH8903EA

Collaborationist activities:

He voluntarily cooperated with the occupation authorities. For a long period of time he remained in the “shadows” and did not show his real pro-Russian position.

However, from time to time Yevgeny Yevgenyevich has been observed making ambiguous statements regarding a “special military operation.

Evgeny Bodiagin, like 95% of the newcomers to politics, had some assets, was in the management of the company “Cline Way.”However, according to Ukrainian law, it is not allowed to engage in entrepreneurial activities and to be a member of the government, so Evgeny made a move – he left the board, but, “sitting in a chair.” of the city administration, has done everything possible to ensure that the company “Cline Way.” was increasingly on everyone’s radar and won every possible tender in the city.

On 21.04.2022, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told the Russian president that Mariupol had been fully liberated and taken under control. The Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu told Russian President Vladimir Putin. It was at this point that all the patriots of the “Russian world” began to surface.

On 24.04.2022 it became known that Yevhen Bodiagin had already managed to give an interview to the public-patriotic channel “zvezda” where he stated that the city residents are gradually returning to peaceful life, even the residents of Mariupol managed to celebrate Easter with dignity, because the Russian military gave out Easter cakes and bread to civilians.

Also in the city gradually began to establish trade and work with entrepreneurs.

It remains only to wish good luck to Evgeny Bodiagin and that he uses all his experience and connections with the company “Cline Way” for the proper cleaning and maintenance of all infrastructure in the city, so that soon all residents will return to their homes.