The “” team has identified members of the elite fifth service of the rf fsb, whom Putin sent into exile in an occupied part of the Zaporozhye region. They have distinguished themselves by repressions against civilians with pro-Ukrainian views and other war crimes.

The FSB’s Fifth Service is known for overseeing the FSB’s relations with foreign partners. Within the service, there is the infamous Department of Operational Information (DOI), which serves as the FSB’s external intelligence service. The FSB has had this function – foreign intelligence – since the late 90s, just when Putin was its director.

The “” had at its disposal information about the employees of the Ninth Department of the DPI, Fifth service, FSB. The Ninth Department is precisely responsible for subversive activities in Ukraine.

Fifth service became extremely “media” after the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by russia. Thus, journalists from Western, Ukrainian and “opposition” Russian media have repeatedly written that this very service was responsible for the information and political preparation of Putin’s aggression.

However, the tasks assigned to it were a complete failure. The agent network that its employees allegedly built up, in fact, existed only in reports and failed to ensure the sabotage and transfer of Ukrainian authorities in the largest cities under Russian control. While billions of rubles have been allocated for this activity.

This fact did not go unnoticed by the Russian dictator. Putin, himself a former Fsb officer, sources said he took such a blow from his former colleagues extremely painfully. That’s why the leadership of the 5 service was repressed. And the personnel were sent to “pray for sins” in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

Among them were officers of the Second Division of the Ninth Department of the DPI, zand with which they fixed “Zaporizhzhya region”. They are responsible for controlling local collaborators, organizing repression of civilians with pro-Ukrainian views, fighting “saboteurs” and imposing Kremlin propaganda.

Vasily Ivanovich Nemchin

Federal Security Service penalties on Zaporizhzhya

Vasily Nemchin was born on April 2, 1956 in the village of Verbovoye, Zaporozhye region. In 1977. served at the Signal Corps Training Center (v/h 2333, Anapa). Served in the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany. Then he moved to the KGB, and after the collapse of the USSR – to the FSB. Heads the analytical office of the Operational Intelligence Department of the 5th Service.

In 2017 held conferences и Participated in official events fsb. At that time had the rank of lieutenant general. Nemchin also headed the Lubyanka Veterans Foundation until August 2023. Got caught up in a shooting competition of pistol among fsb veterans in 2019. In November 2022. at the billiards competition in the same lineup.

Ivan Sergeevich Tyuryakov

FSB penalties on Zaporozhye

Ivan Tyuryakov was born on August 01, 1986. He’s been with the FSB since at least 2011. Often uses the pseudonyms Ivan Smolokurov, Ivan Surgaev and Evan Melkovich on various sites. Also uses documents and phone in the name of Nikiforov Ivan Fedorovich (01.08.1983, passport 4607541154). Funny thing is, Smolokurov is an avid user of sex shop services.

Leonid Yuryevich Vakalov

FSB penalties on Zaporozhye

Leonid Vakalov was born on November 23, 1983. He spent his childhood in the Russian Far East, near the border with China. Specifically, residing in Khabarovsk, in 2001 graduated secondary general education school No. 11 in the city of Birobidzhan. In the early tenth years, he was registered at 144 Volochaevskaya Street, where the Khabarovsk Department of the Federal Security Service is located.

Vakalov moved from Khabarovsk to Moscow around 2016, where he began working as an employee of the 9th Directorate of the Operational Information Department of the 5th Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.

Mamykin Tikhon Aleksandrovich

FSB penalties on Zaporozhye

Tikhon Mamykin was born on May 21, 1987. Candidate master of sports in sambo. As of February 2020 was an employee of the FSB Department of the Amur Region. He uses the call sign “Amur”. Serves in the 2nd Division of the 9th Department of the DPI of the 5th Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.

Nikolay Alexeyevich Dubrov

FSB penalties on Zaporozhye

Nikolai Dubrov was born on April 15, 1994 in the town of Kovdor, Murmansk region. In 2011, he graduated from local school No. 1. He was engaged in wrestling, has the first category, performed in sambo competitions. Then studied at the Serpukhov branch of the Moscow Frontier Institute of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.

Funny thing is, in 2016, Dubrow posted an ad that he was looking for a part-time job as a waiter. In it, he indicated that he had experience “in a specific field” and was willing to work nights. Worked at several clubs. Also did internet promotion and marketing. As of 2020 served in the FSB (v/h 2009, Moscow), worked at the border control of the airport “Vnukovo”.