Full name: Odintsova Galina Alekseevna

Date of birth: 02.09.1959

Address: Ukraine,Kherson region,Nova Kahovka


– Lawyer, lawyer;

– a member of the “electoral commission” at the pseudo-referendum;

– An accomplice of the Russian occupation authorities, a collaborator


Odintsova Galina Alekseevna – a woman who gave many years of labor activity to Ukraine was born on September 06, 1959 in the city of New Kakhovka. She has a legal education. In 1982 she graduated from the law faculty of the Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University. She is an attorney (certificate ¹ 1042 from 02.04.2007, issued by the KSCA of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea) also was a judge of the local Kalanchaksky District Court, Kherson oblast.

Galina Alekseevna is also registered as an individual entrepreneur and is listed as the founder of the Limited Liability Company “Industrial Company “Golden Fleece”, which is engaged in the manufacture of furniture products.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

After the beginning of a full-scale invasion of the Kherson region by Russian invaders, the traitor voluntarily switched to cooperation with the occupiers and began working in the administrative structures of the occupiers.

In addition, the treasonous woman is directly related to the pseudo-referendum on the annexation of the Kherson region to the Russian Federation. The collaborator cooperated with the occupation authorities and received a lawyer’s certificate. Collected documentation with voter lists for a pseudo-referendum.

The abettor of the racists collaborated with the occupation authorities as head of the “Department of Labor and Social Policy of the Kakhovsky Municipal District,” where, together with other employees, she collects personal data of citizens, which she later passes to the Russian occupiers.

For betrayal of the state, violation of Ukrainian law and collaborationist activities, the traitor will answer according to all her merits. And the punishment will come very soon.