Full name: Gennady Koshelev.

Address: Ukraine,Kremenna Luhansk region



-small entrepreneur in the city of Kremenna, Luhansk Oblast;

– an employee of the occupation administration;

– A collaborator of the occupation authorities, a collaborator of the occupation authorities


Gennady Koshelev, a traitor and collaborator, was born in the town of Kreminnaia, Luhansk Oblast.

Koshelev was engaged in a small business in his community, namely, retail trade of goods. Tselep Koshelev, a small businessman, sold his soulto theRussian world” and over the years has increasingly demonstrated his support for the policies of the aggressor country.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

After the full-scale invasion of Ukrainian territory by Russian invaders, Gennady began to deal with “administrative issues” in the occupation administration in the city of Kremenna and actively assisted the temporary leadership of representatives of the “Putin regime” in the Luhansk region in order to obtain positions in the occupation authorities helped information about those who “were for Ukraine.

Later, the collaborator “earned” a position with the occupants in the “organizational and administrative department of the Kremenna administration” and began agitating for the issuance of Russian passports. In addition, Koshelev traveled to Lugansk, where he received his officer rank from the enemy. Had some suitable training there.

For complicity with the occupants, the collaborator Gennady Koshelev faces imminent punishment. He betrayed his people and volunteered to help the enemy troops. The traitor will surely pay for this.