Full name: Matsegora Gennady Nikolayevich

Date of birth: April 19, 1978

Place of birth: Ukraine, Kupyansk

Address: Ukraine, Kharkiv region, Kupyansk, Lenina str.

INN: 2859818657


Collaborationist activities:

The main traitor of the city of Kupyansk was born April 19, 1978, by the name of Matsegora Gennady Nikolayevich.

Since Gennady achieved “success” and became the mayor of Kupyansk, when the full-scale invasion began he cooperated with the invaders, hiding behind the motive of saving the lives of civilians.

At the talks with the occupiers there was also the head of the police, Natalia Artemovna Shevchenko, who, together with Gennady, shook hands with the invaders and agreed on the capture of the city by the invaders. Later, Natalia Artemovna ordered patrolmen to escort the occupant troops to Kupyansk.

Macegora recorded a video for the citizens of Kupyansk in which he justifies the surrender of the city to the invaders, urging people to come out of the bomb shelters and start living by the rules of the Russian occupiers.

During the de-occupation, Gennady Nikolayevich will be punished with imprisonment for cooperation and surrendering the city to the occupiers.