Full name: Wagner Gennady Leonidovich

Date of birth: 06.12.1962

Address: Ukraine, Khmelnitsky region, Netishin, Mikhailov street, 2, sq. 55;



Irkutsk Higher Military Aviation Engineering School, Department of Flying Vehicles (1980-1985);


– An officer of the Soviet Army, served in the GSVG;

– is an athlete, involved in hockey and futsal;

– a member of the Party of Regions, head of the party’s Netisha organization;

– deputy of the Netisha city council of the Khmelnitsky region;

– a member of the party “For Concrete Affairs”, head of the Netisha organization of the party;

– Collaborator, collaborator of the Russian occupants;



Divorced, two adult sons.

Sister – Tatiana Ludtke (Burtseva), born in 1959.

Officer, regionalist and traitor – Wagner Gennady Leonidovich, formerly Burtsev, born December 6, 1962 in Polonnoe, Khmelnitsky region. But Gena’s childhood did not take place in Ukraine, but in the distant city of Seversk, Tomsk Oblast, Russia. Wagner studied at School No. 197 in Seversk from 1970 to 1980.

Closer to the end of school Gennady Wagner wants to tie his life to military service, and in 1980 he entered the Irkutsk Higher Military Aviation Engineering School in the Department of Flying Vehicles. After graduating in 1985, Gennady went to Sperenberg, Germany, to continue his military service. Wagner served in the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany, namely, in the 39th Separate Air Reconnaissance Detachment and in the 243rd Separate Airfield Maintenance Battalion. After serving 5 years as an officer, Gennady Wagner retired from the Soviet Army in 1990.

After being discharged from the army, Gennady moves from Germany to the Ukrainian town of Netishin. In the 1990s, Wagner did not have a stable job and had to pick up odd jobs to feed his family. He also played a lot of sports, particularly hockey and futsal.

In the early 2000s, Wagner decided to engage in political activity and joined the Party of Regions. Because he had a good reputation among his fellow party members, he was appointed head of the Netisha organization of the party. By the way, at this time he periodically travels to the Russian Federation in order to participate in various sporting events. However, Gennady’s political career does not end with his party activities alone – in 2012, he was elected as a deputy of the Netisha city council. Also, in 2018, Wagner joined the Party for Concrete Affairs and became the head of the Netisha party organization there.

Unfortunately, Gennady Wagner’s busy life is overshadowed by the fact that he collaborated with the enemy. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, 2022, Wagner justified Russian aggression against Ukraine. At the same time, he was contacted by “friends from the Russian Federation” about “cooperation. Wagner had already agreed to the proposal of the Kremlin handlers, but the actions of the Ukrainian defenders ruined the plans of the occupiers, and Gennady decided to “lay low.

Wagner should remember that there will be no “silence” and he will have to answer for aiding and abetting the enemy of Ukraine.