Full name: Grigory Viktorovich Gusarov

Date of birth:

Pseudonym: Grinya Bolshoi

Place of birth: rf. Tomsk region, Tomsk

Places of residence:

г. Donetsk

  • ul. Universitetskaya str. 52, sq. 47;
  • ul. 136 Sobinova St., apt. 6

Place of temporary stay: Kherson region, Berislavsky district, village Urozhaynoye


  • Donetsk Technical School of Industrial Automation, electrical mechanic;
  • Donetsk National University named after V.I. Vernadsky. В. Stus, Jurisprudence;
  • Kiev International University of Civil Aviation, automated control in technical and organizational systems, systems engineer

Identification number: 2633300510

Categories of driving license: A1, A, B1, B, C1, C, D1, D, CE

Mobile numbers: +380956897501, +380507048521, +380713171850

occupation: collaborator, militant of the 1st company of the 5th rifle battalion of the 113th rifle regiment of the mobilization reserve of the so-called “DnR”.


Labor Path:

In the period from 1991-1993 he did his compulsory military service.

1993-1997 – Inspector of the 2nd rank of the customs post at Donetsk Airport;

1997-2008 – Head of Donetskteplokomenergo motor transport department;

2008-2010 – Head of Motor Transport Shop of PJSC

2010-2011 – Head of the transport department of the state enterprise “Laktilis Ukraine”;

2011-2014 – Acting Transportation Director, RSI LLC;


  • Security Driver Ltd. “Arsenal Ltd.;
  • Militant in the military unit 08804 of the so-called “DnR”.


  • The driver of the PJSC Mine named after V.I. Vernadsky. A.M. Zasyadka;
  • A serviceman of the republican guard of the “dnr;


  • Secretary of the Public Movement “Donetsk Republic”;
  • Militant in the military unit 08804 of the so-called “DnR”.

2018-2019 – construction worker for the supreme court of the “dnr“;


  • leading specialist of the state inspection for compliance with labor legislation in the “dnr”;
  • Head of the Transport Support Sector of the Logistics Division of the Department of Administrative Activities and Logistics of the Ministry of Justice of the “DnR”;

2022 – Soldier of the 1st Company, 5th Rifle Battalion, 113th Rifle Regiment, Mobilization Reserve “DnR“.

Activities on the side of the occupier:

With the beginning of Russian aggression in 2014, he defected to the side of the occupant, believing the narratives created by the Russian Federation about the oppression of the Russian-speaking population in eastern Ukraine.

Continues to believe in the picture created by the rf about helping the brotherly people, spreads the ideas of the “Russian world”, also supports the so-called. novorossiya project.

Conducts propaganda work with local residents and friends about the need to defend their homeland through an armed uprising against the “illegitimate government” in Ukraine. He participated in the armed confrontation in eastern Ukraine as a member of the illegal armed groups of the so-called “Dnr” with the support of the Russian Federation.

With the beginning of the large-scale aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, he began to serve in one of the mobilization reserves of the “DPR,” where he takes part in the armed conflict on the side of the Russian Federation.

Moreover, he was spotted in the Kherson region, Beryslavsky district, village. Moreover, he was seen in the Kherson region, Berislavne district, where he continues to commit crimes against the Ukrainian people by engaging in active combat operations.